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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Wednesday’s National Signing Day appeared to create a social media feud between a pair of important Miami Dolphins. Legendary Phins cornerback Patrick Surtain Sr. joined The Joe Rose Show on Thursday to provide some clarity.

In case you missed it, Surtain called out Dolphins free agent wide receiver Jarvis Landry on Twitter Wednesday afternoon. Landry, an LSU alum, lashed out at Surtain’s son, one of the top high school football players in the country, for choosing Alabama over his alma mater. Patrick Jr. had LSU, Miami, and Bama on his short list.

After Landry tweeted, Surtain Sr. was quick to respond.

So, is there a rift between Surtain and Landry? Pat addressed the issue with WQAM’s Joe Rose and Zach Krantz.

“It’s just social media,” Surtain said. “Jarvis and I spoke and he said he didn’t mean any disrespect. We talked, and everything is all good.”

Not only is there no rift, but Surtain is rooting for Landry to cash in this Spring in free agency.

“I hope the Dolphins give that man his money. Pay the man!”

Landry wasn’t the only person to express his disappointment at Patrick Surtain Jr. choosing Alabama over LSU and Miami. 5-star players can be program changers. Social media becomes the chosen forum for thousands to vent their frustration.

“At the end of the day, it’s up to the kid where they want to play and what they believe is best for themselves,” Noted Surtain. “For those fans all upset because a kid chose another school, they need to shut the hell up.”

Surtain is the head coach at American Heritage, where his son played. He also coached 4-star defensive tackle Nesta Silvera, who signed with the Miami Hurricanes on Wednesday.

“Nesta Silvera is a beast, I got to see it up close,” Surtain proclaimed. Hurricanes fans should take comfort in that assessment. Silvera will arrive in Coral Gables this Summer in an effort to “make the crib great.”

You can listen to the full interview with Patrick Surtain Sr. on The Joe Rose Show at the top of the page.

Comments (3)
  1. Pat Surtain Sr, not only failed to deliver more than 1 kid from his squad to UM, but he also sent his son to Nick Saban, a man who spurned his former organization the Miami Dolphins. The city of Miami should stop supporting a guy who doesn’t support us.

  2. Fans need to shut the hell up? How about you show some class & courtesy to the LSU coaches who exhausted every resource the last 4 years recruiting your son, by giving them more than an 11pm phone call on Signing Day Eve saying you’re not coming to LSU? Because of your greedy, bush-league move, LSU was not able to move on to it’s second option in time to fill a huge need at CB. I thought Corey Raymond was your kin and you valued his relationship? Clown.

    1. @Joel Cunningham – Well said, my man, I couldn’t say it any better myself. Surtain Sr is a clown and should take his own advice and shut the hell up himself. Lol Him and his son don’t have any integrity at all, coach Raymond and all the coaches at LSU worked really hard to get this kid and this is how you repay them. Just real low class, and you’re not a champion Surtain Jr, more like a follower.