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SAN FRANCISCO, CA (CBSMiami) — There’s goat yoga and laughing yoga and now you can do your warrior pose with a little high.

As the popularity of marijuana grows in states where lighting up is legal, people are adding pot to their workouts.

In a studio in San Francisco, yogis are mixing their passion for downward dog with marijuana.

Ready for it? It’s called ganja yoga!

New students are flocking to Dee Dusssault’s classes now that recreational marijuana is legal in California.

“People have the luxury of arriving whenever they want in the first half an hour in what we call the Stoner’s Social,” said Dussault.

Dussault believes the combination of mindfulness and marijuana can improve her student’s health.

“There are anti-inflammatory benefits to cannabis and specifically CBD products can have amazing pain relieving benefits  and anti-anxiety, anti-depression benefits,” said Dussault.

The class opens with students sampling cannabis products.

“We hang out, we talk, we break the ice,” said Yoga student Ezra Malmuth.

An hour of yoga begins with breaks for a quick puff.

While critics question the health benefits of using marijuana, Tiffany Marquez says it relieves her migraines and puts her body at ease.

“It helps to loosen your muscles and it helps lower you inhibitions so you’re more likely to try a different move that maybe before you might have been apprehensive of,” said Yoga student Tiffany Marquez.

Students may feel a little loopy after class, so Dussault has them stick around for 30 minutes to  sober up.

Dussault is expanding her classes in more cities to help others take their yoga practice to new highs.

Similar classes are being offered in Colorado, Massachusetts, and Washington, D.C. where recreational marijuana is legal.  Students aren’t required to smoke during class.


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