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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The New England Patriots’ evil empire will go for their sixth Super Bowl victory in seventeen years when Tom Brady and company face Nick Foles and the underdog Philadelphia Eagles.

Will the Eagles win their first championship since 1960? Or will New England’s ageless quarterback and hooded head coach keep their dynasty on the NFL throne?

The hosts of 560 WQAM have submitted their picks:

Joe Rose: “It will be a close game, but the Eagles will always be thinking about not being up enough heading into or during the fourth quarter, with the (Patriots) Jaguars game and last year’s Super Bowl on their minds. The Patriots will come back to win this one, too.” SCORE: 27-23 Patriots.

Zach Krantz: “In a one game matchup and two weeks for Bill Belichick to prepare, it’s tough for anyone to beat the Pats. Rob Gronkowski will be the x-factor and will end up with at least one touchdown. Brady gets Super Bowl ring number six and Philly takes a bad loss again. Gronk will be SB MVP.” SCORE: 31-21 Patriots.

Orlando “The Big O” Alzugaray: The experience, the head coach, and the quarterback will be too much to overcome. While the Eagles have had a phenomenal season while overcoming a ton of injuries, it will be tough to overcome the experience of the Patriots.

Nick Foles has done a great job in filling in for Wentz, but can he defeat New England when they take away the running game or Zach Ertz? While it’s a cliche, it’s also true that the Patriots will take away what you do best and force you to beat them in other ways. In the end I expect the Patriots to force Foles and the Eagles into mistakes that will cost them this game. SCORE: 27-19 Patriots.

Marc Hochman: “I usually enjoy being the guy that goes against the prevailing thought, but I can’t do it on this Super Bowl.  To me this comes down to Nick Foles vs. Tom Brady and Bill Belechick vs. Doug Pederson.  And I’m not picking against Brady or Belechick in either of those matchups.  My wife is from Philadelphia, and I’d love to be able to see her celebrate a Super Bowl victory… but I don’t think it’s gonna happen this year.” SCORE: 30-27 Patriots.

Channing Crowder: “Last year’s six point win over the Falcons was the largest margin of victory in the Brady/Belichick seven Super Bowl appearances. I believe this year, the game will be close like the last seven. Eagles will keep it close, and maybe even take the lead into the second half. At some point the dinking and dunking Pats offense will open it up and the stingy defense will frustrate Nick Foles into late game, bad decisions. Pats win it late by 4 points or less.” SCORE: 27-23 Patriots

Alex Donno: “There’s no substitute for experience. Tom Brady has played in as many Super Bowls (7) as the entire Eagles roster combined. The game will be close, and I expect the Eagles to enjoy a lead heading into the fourth quarter. Jay Ajayi will have a solid game for the Eagles but Foles will make key mistakes late. As usual, Brady will come alive in the fourth and throw a game-winning touchdown to Gronk.” SCORE: 24-20 Patriots.

Joe Zagacki: “The Eagles will win with a late field goal. Their defense will be just good enough to slow down Brady. The Eagles will control the game with their running game. I should mention, my family is from Philadelphia. Fly Eagles Fly. Third time is a charm.” SCORE: 27-24 Eagles.

Don Bailey Jr: “I’m going with the Patriots. No matter how you look at it, it’s hard to go against Belichick and Brady. Plus, let’s not forget about Rob Gronkowski. For the Pats, there’s too much ‘been there, done that’ for the Eagles to overcome. SCORE: 27-24 Patriots.

Troy Stradford: “I have the Eagles winning in a close game. I’m sure Doug Pederson has learned from Atlanta’s mistakes last year and Jacksonville’s mistakes this year. He will make sure his team plays four full quarters. I also believe the Eagles have solid playmakers on both sides of the ball. Brady will have the ball last with a chance to win ring number six, but will finally come up short!” SCORE: 31-27 Eagles.

There you have it…. seven votes for the Pats and two for the Eagles.