By Lauren Pastrana

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Hard to believe, but January is almost over.

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If you made a resolution to work out more, hopefully, you’re sticking to it.

But did you know what you do after a workout could sabotage your progress?

Today’s “Lauren’s List” explains 4 things you should never do after exercising.

Stay In Gym Clothes
Even if you think you didn’t sweat much during a workout, it’s important to change into clean clothes after. Why? According to Men’s Health, worn or soggy clothing is a breeding ground for bacteria. Even if you can’t shower right away, change your clothes, socks, and shoes to promote good circulation.

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Do Heavy Chores
You may think, ‘Hey, I’m already sweaty! Why not do some heavy yard work or deep clean the house?’ But health experts say activities like this can cause extra strain on already tired muscles, particularly if you’re already dehydrated after a workout. It could be the perfect recipe for injuries, so take it easy after a workout, but don’t be a couch potato either.

Eat Too Late or Too Much
Fitness buffs say you should plan to eat and drink within 20 to 30 minutes of finishing your workout. Your post-workout snack should include protein, a little fat and some complex carbs to replenish your energy. Avoid having a huge meal right after exercising, even if you think you’ve earned it.

Skip Recovery
Your body needs time to bounce back after vigorous exercise. Even if you think you took it easy or you only worked out for a short time, it’s still important to allow yourself time to recover. Remember, muscles don’t grow during workouts—they grow between them.

What do you do after your workout?

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