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You spend the majority of your day at work and the only time you really have to yourself is lunchtime, which more often than not is spent eating at your workspace, in the break room, or at a nearby eatery – not exactly healthy. What if there was a way to infuse your midday break with a little motivation and fitness?

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These three ideas can help you stay mentally and physically fit in (and around) the office:

  1. TRAININGS/PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT SESSIONS. “Lunch and learns” and other midday information sessions can keep your mind fresh and even improve performance.
  2. IN-OFFICE ACTIVITIES. Consider bringing exercise into the office by converting unused space into a fitness area. Depending on size constraints, the area could be used for yoga, stretching, and other unobtrusive exercises. Another idea: an in-office putting green to get employees moving around during their break. Think outside of the box and have fun with the ideas.
  3. HEALTH CARE EVENTS. Odds are there is a health related event coming up in your area. Talk to your colleagues and see if they’d be interested in participating. One potential event is National Healthy Lunch Day, a day dedicated to promoting good nutrition in the fight against obesity and type 2 diabetes; AvMed is the event’s exclusive South Florida sponsor. Search your local area for upcoming events that you might be interested in. 
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Let’s Get WELLfluent™ is part of AvMed’s drive to inspire focus on a different kind of riches; those fueled by health and happiness of the mind, body and soul.  With headquarters in Miami and offices in every major metropolitan area of the state, AvMed’s health plans seek to transform Floridian lives to create a WELLfluent world. To learn more follow AvMed on Facebook. 

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