larry block6 POST SEASON HUDDLE – Marcus Fleming   Miami High

PLAYER: Marcus Fleming


SCHOOL: Miami High

CLASS: 2020

HEIGHT: 5-10


SCOUTING: Another former youth football standout who has made his transition to the next level – and college coaches have already started to take notice. Heading into his junior season, here is one of those versatile football players who had a key role in the success of the Stingarees this season. A talented receiver who catches and runs as well as playing in the secondary as well. Talk to his coaches, and all will tell you that this is truly someone who will continue to make an impact. While there are a lot of moves going on during the offseason, Fleming could also be changing schools – which we will wait and watch, but in the meantime – here is a very gifted young man who will continue to turn heads – no matter where he plays. Quality underclassmen who is certainly among the elite for 2020.


south florida high school sports POST SEASON HUDDLE – Marcus Fleming   Miami High


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