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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A Miami woman is recovering at a hospital after being slashed in the throat and a witness says she was attacked by a 78-year-old man who was angry that she had given away a beer.

CBS4’s Peter D’Oench spoke with that witness after Gregorio Oquendo was arrested and charged with attempted 2nd degree murder.

The victim, Daisy Morfi, who neighbors say is in her 50s, was rushed from her home to Ryder Trauma Center Tuesday night.

A police report says officers found her sitting in a chair in her front yard at Northwest 2nd Avenue and 34th Street, “bleeding profusely with a large laceration in her neck.”

“He was drinking and kidding around and he didn’t like it,” said witness, Trinidad Thoroda. “So he went inside and got a knife and cut her in the neck.”

She said Oquendo was angry there was no more beer.

“There were 2 beers left over and she took one beer and gave another beer to another person and he said that’s my beer and that’s when he went inside and got the knife and cut her in the neck,” she said. “That was very very bad. He is a criminal. He is no good.”

According to a police report, a witness asked Oquendo “Why did you do that?”

The report said Oquendo responded, “This one deserves to be killed.”

The report also said Oquendo claimed he did not remember what happened because he was intoxicated.

Neighbors and friends of the victim are outraged.

Neighbor Carmen Galarza walked back and forth outside Morfi’s home and said as she fumed, “That’s abuse, what he did. He was an abuser. He beats up on women all the time. He did it to me right here. He hit me with a cane. He needs to be locked up and they need to throw away the key.”

Galarza was asked about what Oquendo told police.

“She did not deserve to be killed,” she said. “Nobody deserves to be killed. She is a woman and he is crazy.”

“He said he was intoxicated at the time,” said D’Oench.

“Intoxicated from what?” responded Galarza. “Intoxicated from beer. He beats up on women. He knew what he was doing. They need to keep him locked up or he will get out and kill this lady.”

Records show Oquendo has been arrested before on charges including resisting arrest without violence, battery, disorderly intoxication, assault, burglary and grand theft.

Oquendo was ordered held on $50,000 bond when he came before Circuit Judge Mindy Glazer.

She appointed an Assistant Public Defender for him and found probable cause for the charges.

“Sir you are ordered to stay away from Daisy Morfi and to have no contact with the victim either in person, by telephone or a 3rd party and you must stay away from her home and place of business,” said Glazer as Oquendo listened to her instructions through a translator as he was wearing headsets.

Judge Glazer had a strong response, as there was a request for a lower bond for Oquendo.

She remarked as Oquendo was leaving bond court, “He went up to a lady and slashed her throat, she was bleeding profusely and he tried to kill her based on the facts here so this is a reasonable bond.”


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