larry block6 POST SEASON HUDDLE: Dontae Lucas   Miami High

PLAYER: Dontae Lucas


SCHOOL: Miami High

CLASS: 2019



SCOUTING: From the first day he stepped on to the field as a freshman at Booker T. Washington, there was never any doubt at all about how impressive this solid line prospect is. Big, strong, agile, athletic and a talent that has been turning heads for nearly four years now. Switching to Miami High this past year, coupled with his post season play has started to open things up nationally. Drew plenty of raves for his play in the recent Class of 2019 Legends event in the Tampa area. His footwork, strength and knowledge of the position has certainly helped him improve. College coaches have also been watching since he started playing, so they understand what a potential this young man has. His final year will certainly be worth watching as all eyes will be in his direction – as he looks to complete a successful high school career.


south florida high school sports POST SEASON HUDDLE: Dontae Lucas   Miami High


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