By Lauren Pastrana

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – It’s January 1st and while you may have resolved to eat healthier or start exercising in 2018, it’s important to evaluate your financial health at the start of this new year, too.

The new tax law means could mean big changes down the road for your wallet, but there are small changes you can make starting today to make a lasting impact.

Today’s “Lauren’s List” has a few ideas for Financial Resolutions you can make starting now.

Monitor Your Credit
With hackers constantly on the prowl for your information and your money, it’s important to see where you stand. You may know your score, but if you haven’t looked at the nitty gritty of your credit report in a while, you should start doing it now! There are *free* credit monitoring services that enable you to receive an instant notification anytime there is an important change to your credit report. Sign up today!

Pay Bills On Pay Day
If you want to get your budget in check, experts suggest you take care of your monthly obligations before you buying anything fun or extra. The best time to do that is right after you get paid. This strategy allows you to know exactly what you can afford and helps you avoid late payments on any accounts.

Add To E-Fund
In a perfect world, everyone would have an emergency fund with at least six months of expenses at the ready. While that’s ideal, it’s certainly not easy for everyone. Start small. Make it your goal to add at least one month to your e-fund this year.

Improve Physical Health
You didn’t think you could avoid getting healthy as a resolution, did you? Health issues can be pretty costly and a huge medical expense might set back all the financial headway you make in 2018. Resolving to eat healthier and devote more time to physical activity will likely save you money in the long run.

Are you making financial resolutions this year? Tell me on Facebook or Twitter.

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