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WEST PALM BEACH (CBSMiami) – A day after tweeting “it’s back to work in order to Make America Great Again,” President Donald Trump spent a good portion of Tuesday golfing at his club in West Palm Beach.

He also found time to fire off some tweets stirring up some of Washington’s most fiercely debated topics.

On the Russia investigation, he cited a Fox News report that investigators can’t verify claims made in a dossier circulated over the summer. Compiled by a former British intelligence officer, it contains allegations of Mr. Trump’s ties to Moscow.

“That’s how this has become such a hyper-partisan issue, they’re trying to discredit the findings before they come out by point to flaws in the process,” said Bustle’s senior political correspondent Erin Delmore.

President Trump also went after Obamacare.

The individual mandate imposed a fine on those who do not sign up for health insurance. Without that penalty, the Congressional Budget Office projects about 13 million more people will be without coverage by 2027.

“President Trump campaigned on a promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act and I think this was an attempt to signal to his voters that he had done so,” CBS News & Slate political analyst Jamelle Bouie.

Evidence, however, suggests that public support for Obamacare has exceeded expectations.

During the Obamacare enrollment period that ended December 15th, there was a drop of just 4.4 percent from last year in the 39 states that participate in the federal marketplace. According to one nationwide analysis, Republican states are signing up faster than Democratic ones. 62 percent of the people who enrolled in Obamacare this year live in red states that voted for President Trump in 2016.

Many are skeptical of President Trump’s view that Democrats and Republicans will come together on a new health care plan.

“The Republican Party is not committed to universal insurance, not committed to expanding coverage the way the Democratic Party is. So his promises are going to ring hollow given that there simply isn’t a Republican coalition that exists that wants to expand health insurance,” said Bouie.


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