CBS Local – 2017 was a year filled with fascinating conversations in the CBS Local Studios in New York City. For the past six months, athletes, musicians, comedians and entertainers have shared their success stories and opened up about their lives for our CBS markets across the country. In honor of the end of the year, here is a list of the five best CBS Local Interviews from this year.

1. Lake Bell-Director/Actress

Bell’s interview topped the list this year because of the hilarious stories she told about her new movie “I Do… Until I Don’t”, her life as a woman in Hollywood and why she will never forget going to all girls school in New York City.

2. Gilbert Gottfried-Comedian/Actor

Gottfried made news in 2017 with the release of a documentary about his life called “Gilbert” and opened up in this interview about working with Eddie Murphy in “Beverly Hills Cop 2” and how being the Aflac duck changed his career.

3. Betsy Brandt-Actress

This was by far the deepest interview in the CBS Local Studios. Brandt got emotional here discussing her movie “Flint” and shed a few tears for the people suffering in her native state of Michigan.

4. Jo Koy-Comedian

Koy had everyone laughing in this interview with an inside look at the beginning of his career and how his friendship with Kevin Hart turned into a new career opportunity.

5. Deontay Wilder-Boxer 

Wilder’s interview was memorable because of his larger than life personality, the promise he made to his daughter and the explanation of the differences between Deontay and the Bronze Bomber.