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CBS Local — People who browse through social media daily are used to reading posts designed solely to get you to click on them and interact. The “click bait” or “engagement bait” pieces commonly play on a person’s simplest likes and dislikes with catchy headlines like, “LIKE this if you’re a Pisces!” Now, Facebook says they’re cracking down on the attention-seeking posts.

The social media platform announced that is intends to demote “engagement bait” posts so they appear less in Facebook’s News Feed. “We will begin implementing stricter demotions for Pages that systematically and repeatedly use engagement bait to artificially gain reach in News Feed,” Facebook wrote in a release.

Facebook has reportedly designed new technology to help spot engagement bait posts. The system was fed “hundreds of thousands” of posts, some regular and some spam, so it could learn how to fish out the unwanted content. The News Feed algorithm will now start demoting posts that use these tactics and will also begin to demote Facebook Pages that frequently use engagement bait to boost their reach on the platform.

Following the swarm of controversies surrounding fake or inaccurate news during the 2016 election, Facebook has already announced they would begin demoting posts identified as “fake news.” The platform has also increased its censorship of material it considers hate speech from appearing on its website.