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NEW YORK (CBSMiami) – Office holiday parties are kicking off across the country, but many workers have questions about appropriate behavior, especially with sexual harassment concerns in the forefront.

We asked Beaumont Etiquette expert Myka Meier for some answers at the work party hot spot Hill Country in New York.

“How much to drink? I think this one always; less is best,” Meier said. “I would say a couple of glasses of wine or champagne to celebrate.”

And when it comes to attire, what’s acceptable?

“Stick to the dress code, typically, that you would at work,” she said.

Meier took a look at some potential party dresses and says making more conservative choices is probably best.

“If you have to question if it’s too much, then the answer is yes,” Meier said when asked how much skin to show.

With sexual harassment in the forefront this year, Bill LeBoeuf wonders about the appropriate greeting for co-workers.

“Who do you hug, who do you kiss, and who do you just say hi to?” he asked.

“Stay professional, so the less touching the better,” Meier explained. “But, if you do lean in for a kiss, just remember it’s called a cheek kiss, but technically it’s an air kiss because you don’t want your lips touching someone else’s skin. So what you would do is just lean forward, and then (kisses) like that, right cheek to right cheek.”

Meier also suggests you keep conversations light and don’t get too personal.

She adds it’s only appropriate to bring a guest if the invite specifies a plus one.


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