larry block6 BCAA North/South All Star Game Featuring Top Prospects

Usually when the North and South get together in the Broward County All-Star, bragging rights are always on the line. This year will certainly be no exception.

When the two sides meet in the 21st annual year-end all-star event on Thursday night (7:00) at Nova High Stadium in Davie, the talent on both sides of the ball will really impress.

Last year, McArthur quarterback Ethenic Sands ran around the left end on a five-yard run for the winning touchdown with 54 seconds remaining to lift the South to a 14-12 victory over the North.

 It was the ninth time in All-Star game history where the game was decided by five or fewer points. Despite the loss, the North still leads the all-star series 12-8.

With South Plantation head coach Dominic Anderson heading up the South team, and Coral Glades’ Christian Baldwin leading the North team, it should be exciting.

“We have a lot of talent on this team,” Anderson said. “This is the first time I can recall so many major college prospects in this event. This is a game that everyone wants to be a part of.”


With a team that includes Miramar offensive standouts Dominic Watt, Terrance Horne and running back Ralph Hughey, and defensive line standout Hansky Paillant, things can get mighty interesting.

In addition, the South team also features Eric Hoff, Jr. (WR/DB, West Broward), Michael DiLiello (QB, Cooper City), Dawson Hill (RB, South Plantation), Dylan Litsenberger (LB, Western), Wayne Parrish (S/TE, South Broward), Ruben Oliver (LB/S, Western), Stephen Greaves (DL/OL, South Plantation), Stephen Greaves (DL/OL, South Plantation) and Davon Strickland (DL, South Broward) to name a few.

The North also features so quality talent as well. Athletes such as Roshard Branch (QB, Plantation), Kerondo Golbern (CB, Coconut Creek), Wesley Eliodor (WR, Fort Lauderdale), Jamari Sweet (WR/DB, Plantation), Nathaniel Stubbs (RB/WR/DB, Piper), Griffin Cerra (PK, Cardinal Gibbons), Donnell Bennett III (LB, Cardinal Gibbons), Alfonzo Dixon, IV (DE/WR, Coral Glades), Carlton Cleophat (LB, Banche Ely), Ryan Saddler (LB, Cardinal Gibbons), Austin Gray (LB, Monarch) and Te’Kauri Woodcock (DT, Deerfield Beach) to name a few.

Here is a look at the remainder of the teams playing this Thursday night.



1. Jacquez Thomas, WR, South Plantation

2. Jonathan Silva, WR/DB, McArthur

3. Steffen Fernand, WR, Davie

4. Marlon Serbin, QB, Cypress Bay

5. Kyshaad Pennywell, RB, Miramar

6. Terrance Horne, WR, Miramar

7. Eric Hoff, Jr., WR/DB, West Broward

8. Kobie Simmons, WR, Cooper City

9. Tihon Hines, Athlete, South Plantation

10. Michael DiLiello, QB, Cooper City

11. Wayne Ruby, WR, Flanagan

12. Tony Henry, Jr., DB, Hollywood Hills

13. Aaron Rogers, CB, Flanagan

14. Ralph Hughey, RB, Miramar

15. Alexander Sheton, Hollywood Hills, WR/DB

16. Mathew Messidor, DB, McArthur

17. Tyrone Jones, DB, South Plantation

18. Dominick Watt, WR, Miramar

19. Marquel Dillard, Athlete, Stranahan

20. Isaac Castillo, CB, Hallandale

21. Christopher Deal, LB/S, Flanagan

22. Devin Broughton, RB/DB, West Broward

23. Tyvonn Scott, DB, South Broward

24. Devontae Harris, RB, Nova

25. Michael Nesmith, DB, Nova

26. Jermaine Boyd, CB, St. Thomas Aquinas

27. Machi Garland, SS/LB, Hallandale

28. Lucas Gross, PK, Cooper City

29. Jevanni Witter, DB/WR, Everglades

30. Dawson Hill, RB, South Plantation

31. Tyler Willis, P, South Plantation

32. Wayne Parrish, S/TE, South Broward

33. Ruben Oliver, LB/S, Western

34. Ryan Rhoden, DB, St. Thomas Aquinas

40. Bryan Gooden, LB, Nova

41. Bryce Gooden, LB, Nova

42. Trinten Gray, RB/LB, Everglades

44. Sean Jarrett, LB/DE, South Broward

48. William Masaro, LB, Cypress Bay

50. Dontay Watson, DT/RB/LB, Stranahan

51. Dylan Litsenberger, LB, Western

52. Dylan Mornay, OG/DT, Cooper City

54. Alexander Tabraue, LB, Pines Charter

55. Christian Mafette, OL, Western

56. Kenyon Terrell, OL, South Broward

60. Alexis Alvarez, OL/DL, West Broward

64. Chad Keirnan, OL, St. Thomas Aquinas

66. Eathan Rodriguez, OL, Western

70. Jack Black, OL, Cooper City

71. Greg May, OL, Cypress Bay

72. Lamont Harrison, OL, Everglades

74. Stephen Greaves, DL/OL, South Plantation

77. Darius Andrade, OL, Cypress Bay

80. Eric Cumberbatch, WR, Pines Charter

81. Ricky Malcolm, WR, Cypress Bay

85. Jacorey Washington, Jr., DL, West Broward

88. Hansky Paillant, DL, Miramar

89. Ezewike Uchenna, DE, Stranahan

95. Davon Strickland, DL, South Broward

99. Jonte Chance, DL, Nova

Timothy Gioncola, OL, Hollywood Hills


1. Roshard Branch, QB, Plantation

2. Johnny King, WR, Boyd Anderson

3. Kerondo Golbern, CB, Coconut Creek

4. Wesley Eliodor, WR, Fort Lauderdale

5. Jamari Sweet, WR/DB, Plantation

6. Tayondric Crowder, DB, Blanche Ely

7. Nathaniel Stubbs, RB/WR/DB, Piper

8. Kyle Kaplan, QB, Deerfield Beach

9. Jerkevan Harrell, RB, Boyd Anderson

10. Jordan Sepulveda, QB, Coral Springs Charter

11. Moise Francos, QB, Dillard

12. Jalal Jean-Charles, RB/DB, Pompano Beach

13. Moses Snell, WR, Taravella

14. James Harris, DB, Blanche Ely

15. Chris Johnson, DB, Dillard

16. Kervens Augustin, CB, Monarch

17. Shakur Williams, CB/WR, Coral Springs Charter

18. Cameron Brooks, QB, Coral Glades

19. Shawn Valcin, DB/RB, Piper

20. Griffin Cerra, PK, Cardinal Gibbons

21. Nick Joseph, DB, Taravella

22. Jaquinton Thomas, CB, Coconut Creek

23. Darrick McClary, DB, Northeast

24. Daniel Eggan, WR/DB, Pompano Beach

25. Lee Williams, LB, Dillard

26. Eric O’Neal, OLB/S, Boyd Anderson

27. Nopiel Taylor, LB, Fort Lauderdale

28. Meshawn Neely, DB, Fort Lauderdale

29. Landan Thomas, RB, Coral Springs Charter

30. Robby Rodriguez, S/LB/FB, Douglas

31. Razhaan Wilson, LB/RB, Coral Springs

32. Brian Campbell, RB/LB, Pompano Beach

33. Donnell Bennett III, LB, Cardinal Gibbons

34. Alfonzo Dixon, IV, DE/WR, Coral Glades

40. Gary White, LB/DB, Northeast

41. Nick DeFroscia, LB, Douglas

42. Jeffery Clinton, RB/LB, Coral Glades

44. Carlton Cleophat, LB, Banche Ely

48. Tyrae Session, RB/LB, Coral Springs

49. William Calloway, DE, Piper

50. Yohance Williams, LB/DL, Douglas

51. Jordan Sylla, LB, Northeast

52. Eddie John, OL, Plantation

54. Ryan Saddler, LB, Cardinal Gibbons

55. Austin Gray, LB, Monarch

56. Jeffrey Dameus, LB/DL, Coral Springs

60. Steven Nirenberg, OL/DL, Pompano Beach

61. Rosny Francois, DL, Fort Lauderdale

62. Stanley Dumelle, DL/OG, Coral Glades

64. Reginald Grant, DT/OL, Dillard

66. Tommy Hanskey, OL, Cardinal Gibbons

70. Ryan Taylor, OL/DL/LS, Coral Springs

71. Fabian Smith, OL, Plantation

72. Brock Parry, OL, Taravella

74. Juan Mercade, OL, Piper

75. Roosevelt Guerrilus, OL/DL, Northeast

76. Jakari McClam, OG, Deerfield Beach

77. Jean Estivern, OL, Coconut Creek

80. Andrew Golfin, WR, Fort Lauderdale

81. William Williamson, WR, Coral Glades

85. Teddy Baker, LB/DE/TE, Monarch

88. Malik Morgan, DE, Monarch

89. Robzel Sylvester, TE, Plantation

95. Keldrick Hooks, DE, Deerfield Beach

99. Te’Kauri Woodcock, DT, Deerfield Beach

Catch the South Florida High Sports Radio Show this Monday night (8-10) on WQAM (560AM). For the past 10 years, the players and coaches who are making the headlines, join the program. You will learn a lot!

south florida high school sports BCAA North/South All Star Game Featuring Top Prospects


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