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Fall is here, and likely so is the flu. To keep in good health and minimize sick days, here are some precautions you need to take around the office:

  1. Send out a flu vaccine reminder. The flu shot is the most effective way to keep the flu away. AvMed Members can get the vaccine for free through their Primary Care Physician (PCP) or a participating pharmacy.
  1. Keep common areas clean. Make sure that frequently touched surfaces in bathrooms, kitchens and other common areas are sanitized regularly to kill germs and reduce transmission risk.
  1. Send sick employees home. While sick employees’ initiative is appreciated, sometimes it’s better for everyone to just send them home. If they’re constantly coughing and sneezing in the office, let them take the rest of the day off to avoid infecting others. If they want to keep working, consider letting them work from home.

For more information on how to keep the flu out of your office, click here.

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