larry block6 In The Recruiting Huddle: Derrick Nicholson   Northwestern

PLAYER: Derrick Nicholson


SCHOOL: Miami Northwestern

CLASS: 2018



SCOUTING: Having watched the Bulls play over the past few years, there are many reasons why they are among the best teams in the state. While many of the marquee players have received plenty of the spotlight, it’s talented young men like this – who plays three and four positions – that have been the backbone of had coach Max Edwards; program. One of the most impressive football players on a team loaded with talent, Nicholson has been a versatile prospect since he started playing. Watch any game this team plays in and you will see No. 15 around the action. As colleges continue to fill their rosters and class for 2018, this is someone who will fly beneath the radar screen and impact any program he is a part of. You cannot teach the passion and love for the game that this young man brings to the table. Solid player who has flown way beneath the radar screen – for too long!


south florida high school sports In The Recruiting Huddle: Derrick Nicholson   Northwestern


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