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WASHINGTON D.C. (CBSMiami) —  President Donald Trump, back from his 12-day Asia Trip, briefed the American people Wednesday on the successes of his adventure. The President praised his meetings with foreign leaders and says more countries now respect the United States than ever before.

“Last night I returned from a 12-day trip to Asia. This journey took us to five nations to meet with dozens of foreign leaders, participate in three foreign state visits and attend three key regional summits. When we are confident in ourselves, our strength our flag our history our values, other nations are confident in us. And when we treat our citizens with the respect they deserve, other countries treat America with the respect our country so richly deserves. During our travels this is exactly what the world saw.”

The President outlined the three core goals of his Asia tour including laying out a firm warning to North Korea.

“First, to unite the world against the nuclear menace posed by the North Korean regime. A threat that has increased steadily through many administrations and now requires urgent action. Second, to strengthen America’s alliances and economic partnerships in a free and open Indo-Pacific, made up of thriving, independent nations, respectful of other countries and their own citizens and safe from foreign domination and economic servitude. And third, to finally, after many years, insist on fair and reciprocal trade. Fair and reciprocal trade. So important.”

He also spoke about the trade deficit with China.

“I also had a very candid conversation with President Xi about the need to reduce our staggering trade deficit with China and for our trading relationship to be conducted on a truly fair and equitable basis. We can no longer tolerate unfair trading practices that steal American jobs, wealth, and intellectual property. The days of the United States being taken advantage of are over.”

Mr. Trump did not answer questions shouted at him about whether or not Alabama Senate Candidate Roy Moore should drop out of the race following accusations of sexual misconduct. Trump is under pressure to weigh in on the matter.

During his speech, he was thirsty and briefly stopped for a sip of water. The internet instantly lit up comparing the awkward moment to Trump’s former Republican rival Marco Rubio, who had a similar moment during his Republican response to then-President Obama’s 2013 State of the Union Address.

At the time, Trump mocked Rubio in a tweet that read, “Next time Marco Rubio should drink his water from a glass as opposed to a bottle. Would have much less negative impact.”

Wednesday, Rubio joked about Trump’s awkward water bottle moment when he said the president needed to work on his form.

“Has to be done in one single motion & eyes should never leave the camera. But not bad for his 1st time,” Rubio tweeted.


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