This week when Monsignor Pace travels to University School in Davie, they will be meeting a team – like themselves, that truly never made plans to get this far.

After both easily took care of their first round opponents, this unlikely meeting was courtesy of Miami Booker T. Washington, which had one of the toughest schedule in South Florida, losing a few key contest that kept them from making the post season.

As everyone pretty much gave into the fact it would be Booker T. Washington that would be in this game – one away from a showdown against Cocoa that would send one team to Orlando, things changed.

Between head coach Daniel Luque’s Sharks and veteran head coach Joe Zaccheo’s Spartans, there are 18 wins and just two losses. Not what either team felt would happen.

While the Sharks pretty much have been building toward this over the past three years, things were not promising at the Pace. Five big time players left and only young athletes – many without extensive experience – took over, and they really did.

From the offseason, this was a team that never stopped believing. The early practices, summer conditioning and in the introduction to many former players who gave this school such a positive reputation.

The younger athletes who were supposed to step up over the next few years, began to do it this season. The seniors also have played a key role as well.


If you really want to know what has fueled this program, from a talent standpoint, here are some of the athlete who have made a lasting impression.

While so many have impressed, here are a few we have checked out:

2019 – Fabio Desir, OL/DL. Yet another big time line prospect that was truly a catalyst this season for Spartans. Very hard working football player who will be one of several top players returning in 2018.


2019 – Tyrone Douglas, RB. If you have watched this tremendous talent perform, you know what this young man has done for the Spartans this season. His is a very sound runner who breaks off big chunks of yardage. Under the radar player.


2019 – Lorenzo Floyd, QB. After helping Miami Carol City win the 6A state title last year, he has really been a huge boost for the Spartans this season – running and passing. Very impressive talent who makes the offense go.


2020 – Willie Floyd, RB/LB. Among the best sophomores in South Florida, putting the ball in the end zone a number of times from his running back position – but also making key plays on the defensive side of the ball. Will be one of the best for years to come.


2019 – Bryner Joseph, OL/DL. With a number of young line prospects on the team, this is certainly one that this program has been looking to for his experience and talent. Quick feet and plenty of knowledge of the position. Another big man who will return in 2018.


2020 – Jaheem Joseph, DB/QB. When the experts talk about the future players the Spartans have on the roster, here is certainly one of the elite prospects who has the chance to be very special. Will be a player that everyone will keep an eye on.


2018 – Cesar Medina, DE. Here is one of those talented young men who became a leader the past two years – and was part of that change when Coach Zaccheo took back over. A solid playmaker who was one of those prospects that made a major difference.


2021 – James Williams, DB/WR. Without hesitation, the Spartans have one of the best freshman in the country in this two-way standout who has started since the beginning. Has the size, speed and athletic ability to become one of the best who has ever worn this prestigious uniform.


2019 – Thomas Willis, RB/LB. If every team had one of these young men on the roster, there would be very few problems. A two-way difference maker who will hit you on the defensive side of the ball – while finding his way into the end zone quite often. By the way, his grades in the classroom are simply off the charts. Solid football prospect.



2018 – Onelio Abreu, DB

2018 – Eudens Antoine, RB/DB

2020 – Kenly Asse, OL/DL

2019 – Larry Azema, OL/DL

2018 – Rubin Smith-Bastian, TE/DE

2018 – Rodrique Bichotte, OL

2018 – KiSean Bullard, RB

2019 – Rayvaughn Choute, LB/RB

2020 – Wesley Cervius, TE/LB

2018 – Christian Crespo, DE/TE

2019 – Anttoine Daniels, WR

2018 – Elvins Desarmes, RB/DB

2019 – Oberde Desir, DB/WR

2020 – Zavius Dixon, DL/OL

2018 – Darius Edmonds, OL/DL

2019 – William Ferreira, QB

2018 – Kirk Fleming, OL/DL

2019 – Marcus Fowles, DB

2020 – Joshua Jean, DB

2019 – Devin Lewis, OL/DL

2019 – Ruben Masters, PK

2020 – Linne Michel, OL/DL

2020 – Marone Michel, DB/WR

2018 – Raphael Moise, OL/DL

2018 – Kyvon Randolph, LB

2019 – Caleb Robinson, DE/LB

2018 – Francisco Salomon, LB/RB

2019 – Anthony Sanders, OL/DL

2019 – Damian Sosa, DB

2018 – Amari Williams, DL

2020 – Shamarr Wright, DB/WR

Catch the South Florida High Sports Radio Show each Monday night (9-10) on WQAM (560AM). For the past 10 years, the players and coaches who are making the headlines, join the program. You will learn a lot!


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