By Ted Scouten

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NORTH MIAMI BEACH (CBSMiami) – North Miami Beach Police arrested a man in connection with a stabbing outside a store over the weekend.

And now, the people, including a pregnant woman, who saved the victim are speaking out.

Kiera Pierre Louis says she and her husband were in the right place at the right time to save a life.

Just a month away from giving birth to their second child, the couple knew they had to move quickly to save a man who had been stabbed just outside their business.

“Everybody just said he got stabbed, somebody got stabbed, he’s dying in the store, he’s dying, he’s dying. So I just reacted, grabbed the blanket and ran to the store,” said Kiera.

The victim crawled into the convenience store to get help.

Kiera and her husband stopped the man from bleeding by pressing a blanket against the victim’s neck which had several stab wounds.

Kiera said initially, no one was taking action.

“I hope, if that was my situation, somebody would help and step up and help me because nobody was helping him.  Everybody was running around saying what happened, but nobody was helping him,” said Kiera.

Officers arrested Donald Brown Jr., 42, of Miami, charging him with attempted first-degree murder for the stabbing. (Source: North Miami Beach Police)

On Monday, officers arrested Donald Brown Jr., 42, of Miami, charging him with attempted first-degree murder for the stabbing.

According to the police report, Brown Jr. and another man were arguing in front of Heat Wireless near 164th Street and NE 15th Avenue on Sunday.

During the argument, the other man threw a glass of water on his face and disrespected him, Brown Jr. reportedly told police.

That’s when, officers say, Brown Jr. waited for the man to walk out of the Jiffy Food store which was a few doors down from where the argument began.

When the man walked out, Brown Jr. walked behind the man and stabbed him with a folding pocket knife several times on the right side of his neck, according to the police report.

The victim reportedly ran back to the store which is when Kiera and her husband stepped in to help.

Brown Jr. ran off but was later tracked down at Ryder Trauma Center.

Police said Brown Jr. confessed to the crime.

Kiera says the two spend a lot of time in the area and know each other and even worked for her husband not long before the violence erupted.

“They just always here. They helped my husband. My husband’s doing construction right now. They were helping him out the day before yesterday before it happened. They’re just always here,” said Kiera.

Officers say Brown Jr. along with the victim are in the hospital. The victim is in critical but stable condition.

Police are not releasing surveillance video right now and are not releasing the victim’s name.

Ted Scouten