By Ted Scouten

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DAVIE (CBSMiami) – The family of a man shot and killed at a Davie pharmacy last week is demanding answers from the police department.

“I don’t sleep. I hear Andre’s voice every second of the day,” said Andrea Smith, whose son, Andre, was shot and killed a week ago at a CVS in Davie at University and Griffin Road.

The family is furious with Davie Police – angry the department will not show them surveillance video from inside the store that captured the shooting.

“He is my baby. I think I deserve that, to find out what angered this person that they killed my child. He was unarmed. I need to see it, I need to know. I’m entitled to it. I should,” she said.

Investigators said Andre and a friend were selling an iPhone to Matthew Barry, who responded to Andre’s Craigslist ad.

As police tell it, during the transaction they believe Barry was worried Andre was going to rob him, and that eventually led to them both going inside the store where the deadly shooting happened.

Maj. Dale Engle talked about the case last week.

“From the interviews that we received, I think Barry felt that they were going to try to get the phone back after there was an exchange of money for the phone, that these two individuals would flee with both the money and the phone, but that is purely speculation on my part,” Engle said.

“We have a message for Dale Engle. Dale Engle, we don’t want your speculation. We don’t want your guesses. We want you to do the job. We don’t want your bias. What we want is the truth,” said family attorney Jasmine Rand.

The Smith family hired attorneys Rand and Jose Baez. The attorneys call the police investigation unprofessional and befuddling.

“To sit there and give this killer the benefit of the doubt and create a defense for him, when by your own admission he was the initial aggressor, he made physical contact with Andre before anything ever happened and then shot and killed him three times,” Baez said.

Meanwhile, Barry’s attorney said he believes both the police investigation and surveillance video will show Barry did nothing wrong.

“I’m confident after doing this for 30 years,” said Ken Padowitz, “that the evidence is going to show that my client violated no laws, that he was defending himself and that this case will be cleared and there won’t be an arrest in this case.”

Davie Police plan to respond to the Smith family’s allegations at a news conference on Thursday.

Ted Scouten