NASA’s got just the thing for you: A boarding pass to the Red Planet.

You’ll have to act fast — today’s the last day to snag one here.

Just enter your name and a few other details on the site, click enter and you’re ready — or rather, your name is — to go the distance.

Here’s how it works: Your name will make the outer space trip on a silicone microchip aboard the InSight lander when it lands on Mars in November 2018 to explore the planet’s deep interior.

You’ll also get a digital boarding pass, with your name on it, that you can print or post online.

InSight is scheduled to launch next May from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

Two years ago, an initial batch of nearly 827,000 people signed up to add their names, NASA said. This new round of names will be added to a second microchip.

This isn’t the first time NASA has let the public be a part of its planetary exploration.

A chip carrying the names of 1.38 million people flew aboard the first flight of the Orion spacecraft in 2014.

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