We are now down to the final two weeks off this strange, but yet productive football season.

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While Hurricane Irma was the star attraction this year – moving and postponing some games – this year was a learning experience for so many youngsters who had never experienced a storm like that before.

It’s been a generation since we were affected by a storm the magnitude of Irma – 25 years since Hurricane Andrew set standards.

What many local athletes found out is that Mother Nature indeed calls the shots. A storm that was powerful enough to leave many without power and some structural damage.

What this generation experienced was a brush, but one that showed that it could have been a lot, lot worse –  but still it got the attention of football players from Key West to Pensacola and everywhere else in between.

For the first time in these young men’s lives, they saw what can happen without football in their live, and they didn’t like it. The most fertile area in the country for football and we shut it down for three weeks!

What the storm did was show all of us that while football is great and will end up making many very wealthy, it take a backseat to human life being rearranged.

As many of the prospects returned from the Irma hiatus – they had a renewed optimism about their careers and teams. Today, we look at six prospects who have been turning up the heat during a season that was indeed very different.

Check out these under-the-radar standouts:

2018 – Diori Barnard, Jr., LB/S, South Miami. During a season in which the Cobras really made some huge strides, here was a talent that never got the publicity he deserved. A quality talent that projects to a safety at the next level, but with a few more pounds and continued work in the weight room, he can play that linebacker position. Coaches like his work ethic, which every college wants to hear.

TAPE: https://www.hudl.com/profile/6205947/diori-juice-barnard-jr

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2018 – Emmanuel De La Nova, LB, Miami Braddock. After watching this gifted young man last year, we were thoroughly impressed by the way he played the game. Following him in the offseason and throughout this season, he has shown that he is one of the most versatile prospects around. His coaches have raved about what he brought to the table this season during an improving year. Post season all-star games will certainly enhance his exposure.

TAPE: https://www.hudl.com/profile/9620338/emmanuel-de-la-noval

2018 – Wesley Eliodor, WR/DB, Fort Lauderdale. Another big time playmaker who has not gotten any exposure. This is one of the most promising football players in South Florida so far this season. He has size, knowledge of the game and speed that you just do not find in a prospect with little college interest like Wesley. This is a major talent who will go somewhere and blow people away with his special teams abilities – as well as being a two-way standout.

TAPE: https://www.hudl.com/profile/9246929/wesley-eliodor

2018 – Antwan Lloyd, DB, Miami Jackson. During a learning season for the Generals, there were a number of prospects who stepped up and made an impact. Here is one of those who raised his game up to get the attention of colleges. With the schedule this program played, athletes like this versatile secondary standout, benefitted in a major way. Like so many, post season all-star exposure would also do him some good in the recruiting process.

TAPE: https://www.hudl.com/profile/8406529/antwan-lloyd

2018 – Logan Shooster, QB/CB, Coconut Creek N. Broward Prep. For the past two years, Shooster has done what was needed to get himself on the field and making a difference for head coach Rex Nottage and the Eagles. An extremely athletic and versatile football player who has received offers based on the fact that he can play quarterback as well as make an impact in the defensive secondary. By the way, he also happens to have outstanding grades in the classroom. Will make some college program better.

TAPE: https://www.hudl.com/profile/3905644/logan-shooster

2018 – Kobie Simmons, CB/WR, Cooper City. One of those talented football players who gets it done every week against some top competition, but for some crazy reason the college interest is not what it should be. Watching him live several times in his high school career, this is a difference maker who has speed, skill and can make a difference on either side of the ball. Great kid to have won your team.

TAPE: https://www.hudl.com/profile/8263168/kobie-simmons

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