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NEW YORK (CBSMiami) – Be careful what you click on today. A new ransomware attack which hit Russia has now been detected across the globe.

The virus, dubbed “bad rabbit,” poses as an Adobe Flash update. When clicked on, it locks down the computer. A screen then pops up which tells the user their files are “no longer accessible” and “no one will be able to recover them without our decryption service”.

It directs users to a payment page with a countdown timer. Those who don’t pay the ransom, around $285, before the time runs out are told the fee to release the files will go up.

Much like Petya ransomware attack which happened in June, “bad rabbit” can move across an infected network and spread without any user interaction.

The “bad rabbit” attack originally targeted Russian media companies and transportation systems in Ukraine on October 24th. It’s now been detected in the U.S., Germany, Turkey, Poland, Bulgaria, South Korea, and Japan.

This is the third global ransomware attack this year.


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