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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A spokesperson for Rep. Frederica Wilson says the threats against the congresswoman have intensified.

The threats first started after Wilson called President Donald Trump “insensitive” for reportedly telling Army Sgt. La David Johnson’s wife, Myeshia, “he knew what he was getting into.”

The congresswoman’s staff immediately alerted Capitol Police, Miami Garden Police and the threat division of the U.S. House of Representatives.

On Friday, Capitol Police were made aware of racially-charged threat from a “Tom Keevers” on Facebook.

Keevers wrote on a Facebook post: “Need ten good men to help carry out a lynching. Must have own horse and saddle. Rope will be provided.”

Wilson’s office said Capitol Police coordinated with the police where he lives, possibly Chicago, and went to his house Friday.

Homeland Security has joined in on the investigation into the threatening calls that have come into her Miami and D.C. offices.

Staffers said calls got so bad that constituents couldn’t get through. Most of the calls came from out of state and so they were believed not to be her constituents.

They added that the calls into the D.C. office were so overwhelming they couldn’t answer the phones fast enough and voicemail kicked in – and even had to turn off the phones for a period of time.

Calls have apparently reached the thousands over this past 72 hours. There are also faxes that have been turned over to investigators.

Wilson’s rep wanted to stress that the congresswoman is fine, focusing on the family of Sgt. Johnson and seeking answers into what happened in Niger.

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  1. She did not plan on the people to take offense of her political stunt for the left.
    Resign,I will vote for a republican and pressure everyone I Know to do the same.

    1. So your position is that it’s okay to threaten her life for this? Well, it’s not, and I’m sorry you don’t seem to be civilized enough to understand this.

  2. I do not condone physical threats to Fredericka Wilson but believe with Donald Trump saying she is a gift that keeps on giving to the Republican Party. She is a disgrace and not a role model for the Democratic Party. It is hard to believe anyone who is intelligent and not on the government dole would vote for her. She just makes me realize how dumb the democratic party is.

  3. Jeff Jones says:


  4. Hugh Magbie says:

    This is a very strong woman, nothing can hurt her. But she is performing a valuable public service, since Gabby got shot, all threats against members of Congress are taken very seriously. Why just this morning, you can bet that there are knocks on the doors of terrorists, nazis, and fascists and on the other side are the FBI and law enforcement. Clearing out the gene pool of some subhumans.