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PLANTATION (CBSMiami) — Plantation Police have made another arrest after the body of a man was found inside a dumpster in early October.

Isabella Tagliarini, 38, is accused of helping her ex-boyfriend, Eric Robinson, 46, cover up the murder of her then-current boyfriend, Nicholis Wilcox.

Isabella Tagliarini (Source: Broward Sheriff’s Office)

All three had been roommates previously.

On October 5th, Wilcox was stabbed and bludgeoned to death at a townhouse at 7201 N.W. 15th Street. His body was discovered in a dumpster behind a busy shopping center near Nob Hill Road and Cleary Blvd.

Robinson was arrested a day later and charged with the murder.

Police said Tagliarini first told them she feared for her safety and that’s why she went along with Robinson’s demands. However, investigators now believe she willingly assisted him in removing Wilcox’s body and cleaning up the crime scene.

Tagliarini’s ex-husband, a man named Nicholas Tagliarini, called police and informed them that Isabella admitted to knowledge about the crime.

She explained that on the night of October 5th, around 2:30 a.m., she was in bed with the victim when she was awakened by Robinson putting a hand over her mouth and telling her to keep quiet, according to the arrest report.

At that point, Robinson allegedly struck Wilcox with a metal crowbar repeatedly in the face and throat, killing him.

She goes on to say that he then carried Wilcox’s body to his truck and forced Tagliarini to help dispose of it. She said Robinson took possession of her cellphone as they drove to the Everglades but Robinson felt uncomfortable looking for a spot, so they drove to other locations. They bought cleaning supplies, including paint to cover the bedroom walls, disposed of a mattress and other items belonging to Wilcox.

Eric Robinson (Courtesy: Broward Sheriff’s Office)

Tagliarini said Robinson told her that if she was ever questioned to say Wilcox simply left her. Police wrote in their report that Robinson tried to solidify the ruse by using the victim’s cellphone to text messages out making it look like he left.

Investigators said, however, that parts of Tagliarini’s story didn’t add up. They said she was seen on video surveillance driving her own Cadillac with Robinson, not his truck, to the shopping center where the body was dumped. They said she was seen hugging Robinson and holding his hand as they shopped for supplies, and even asked Robinson if he would marry her in a text message. Investigators also noted that Tagliarini was in possession of her cellphone during these interactions.

Police noted that the three were roommates before Robinson went to jail in August. He was released on October 3rd and had an active protection order from Tagliarini.

Robinson faces 1st degree murder. Tagliarini faces one 2nd degree charge of being an accessory to murder after the fact.