By Lauren Pastrana

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The dating app Tinder celebrated its 5th anniversary last month.

Other dating sites have been around for decades already. But a new generation of online daters are looking for love on their smartphones, with as many as 27% of 18-24 year olds saying they have used online dating tools.

Of course, these younger users have brought some new lingo into the mix, so today’s “Lauren’s List” breaks down some key words and phrases you need to know if you plan to jump in the online dating pool.

Cuffing Season
It’s upon us! Cuffing season is the period between October and February when it’s cooler out and people want to cuddle up for the holidays. The terms is so widespread now, that it’s actually the name of a rap song and album.

I’m surprised and somewhat disturbed that this this is a “thing”. Negging is the online act of semi-insulting potential lovers or giving them backhanded compliments to start with so they’ll feel insecure and more open to advances. Not cool, online daters. Not cool!

You’ve probably heard that a relationship isn’t official until it’s Facebook Official, and that’s what FBO stands for. Many people hold off on posting their dating status on Facebook until things are really serious.

This is a coward’s way of ending a relationship. Someone who “ghosts” simply disappears without warning or explanation. Similarly, exes who suddenly pop up months later texting you or liking your posts are called “zombies”.

What other words did you learn from your online dating adventures?

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