By Bianca Peters

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – “Your body is a machine. Keep those gears hooping.” That’s the motto of the Miami Hoop Machine, a local group of hula hoop enthusiasts who are breaking the barrier on what’s widely considered to be a kids activity.

“It wasn’t just what I was expecting it wasn’t just on your waist, there’s so much more and then I realized it was a full body workout,” that’s what hula hooper Jasmine Marquez had to say about this new fitness trend.

CBS4’s Bianca Peters met Jasmine through our Moving U campaign and quickly realized that hula hooping has transcended from a children’s toy to a fun and addictive fitness alternative for all ages.

Marquez is part of the Miami Hoop Machine, a group of hula hoopers who get together locally and hoop for fitness and a good time.

Marquez explained the tough and Zen workout to Bianca.

“I don’t want to brag but any definition I have, it’s from hula hooping and it’s so relaxing that you are just trying to get into it and make shapes with the hula hoop and by the time you are done you are sweating and relaxed.”

Hula hooping is a very sporadic activity, which is a great way to work out the entire body but before the group kicks off the workout they always warm up with a group stretch.

Marquez has some great tips for beginners.

The first tip: Don’t over exaggerate the movement with the hula hoop to keep it in motion. Second, continue the motion and keep moving your body in the same direction so the hula-hoop is spinning. Finally, if the hula-hoop is about to drop, dip to catch the hula hoop on your waist.

The workout is not only fun but can also lead to a smaller jean size.

“I do feel like there’s a trimming effect. I will say there is some type of shaping going on,” said Marquez when asked about hula hooping and a tiny waist.

But it’s not just the slimming effect that keeps Marquez and her fellow hoopers stuck on the big rings though.

“It’s like wow, I wish I would have discovered this sooner but once you start it’s like playing an instrument. Once you start you just want to continue practicing and you just get better along the way.”

The Miami Hoop Machine is open to all genders and ages.

Keep in mind, they don’t use regular toy hoops found in stores.

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