By Karen Ulvestad

Fall is the time for pumpkin inspired food in Miami. Whether it is a great pumpkin spice latte or baked pumpkin inspired pastry, the Miami area is filled with many options.  For the ale connoisseurs, local restaurants offer a variety of options. Pastries, breads and desserts are in abundance this season, and local restaurant menus brim with these seasonal treats. Soups and entrees are available at many restaurants, and the best items blend the flavors together with perfection.

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Zak the Baker Deli

405  N.W. 26th St.
Miami, FL 33127
(786) 294-0876

Zak the Baker Deli is located in Wynwood. They are kosher certified, and make most of their baked goods from a sourdough base. Currently, the bakery does not offer gluten free baked goods, but offer some items with less wheat flour in the product. The deli offers a variety of menu items, including the seasonal  pumpkin spice sweet toast. This unique toast is a delicious blend of flavors. The deli is open Sunday through Friday.


Sparky’s Roadside BBQ

204 N.E. 1st St.
Miami, FL 33132
(305) 377-2877

Sparky’s Roadside BBQ is a great place in downtown Miami to enjoy a BBQ meal, and pumpkin ale. The restaurant is steeped in every thing barbecue, and the chefs make it an art form. The philosophy focuses on the sauce. They create the best sauces, and use them on their signature dishes. The pumpkin ale blends nicely with the flavors, offering customers a well rounded meal.


Berries In The Grove

2884 S.W. 27 Ave.
Miami, FL 33133
(305) 448-2111

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Berries In The Grove is located at the entrance of Coconut Grove. It started out as a juice bar, but is now a full menu restaurant. Their focus is on serving the freshest, locally grown, cruelty-free foods. The pumpkin ravioli is the best in Miami. It is served with the restaurant’s pink sauce, and complements the fall season with its amazing blend of flavors. The establishment recently added a second floor, DJ booth, and sound system. It is a great place to “party”, and enjoy a great meal.

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NiDo Caffe Italian Restaurant

7295 Biscayne Blvd.
Miami, FL 33138
(305) 960-7022

NiDo Caffe Italian Restaurant is located in east Miami. The name NiDo stands means “There is no tomorrow.” This philosophy extends into their same day food preparation, exquisite blending of flavors, and the use of homemade mozzarella cheese. The restaurant focuses on classic Italian cuisine with a focus serving the best food in Miami. One of the best soups served at the restaurant is their pumpkin soup. It’s a perfect blend of flavors to be savored.


The Salty Donut

29 N.W. 24th St., Suite 112
Miami, FL 33127
(305) 925-8126

The Salty Donut is located in Miami’s Wynwood Arts & Design District. They create the best gourmet donuts in southern Florida, and they strive to be the best in the United States. Each donut is hand crafted in small batches in-house, and use the finest ingredients. This is the home of pumpkin donuts. In addition to donuts, the shop serves great tasting coffee. Coffee and donuts are a great combination to start out the morning. They are open Tuesday through Sunday. The shop closes when the donuts sell-out.

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