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FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – Family members held on and wouldn’t let go.

A Southwest Airlines flight landed in Fort Lauderdale from San Juan on Saturday, one of very few flights getting off the islands.

“It’s a relief, that’s my mother-in-law,” said Carlos Calderin as he greeted his family arriving from Puerto Rico. “I’m trying to convince my dad to come over here. It’s tough for him, he lives in the mountains over there. Everything is destroyed.”

The people who arrived Sautday say that the problem on the island is that everything must be purchased in cash, which is on short supply due to the lack of working ATMs.

“This is all we eat for 9 days, crackers and water,” said Lewis Colon, who had just arrived from Puerto Rico.

Colon’s persistent daughter in Miami was able to finally get her parents on a flight.

Tears, joy and laughter as families were reunited.  Many of them say they won’t be going back anytime soon.

“It’s not the same to hear about it, then to actually live it,” said Alondra Fernandez. “The conditions, there is no conditions. No gasoline, no water, no power, what can I say.”

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  1. same old story when its time for the tough to get’s take that literally and RUN in the other direction. its been happening for years. they run to nyc to collect welfare and run back to pr.with all the videos we see of people standing on line, send them to the ports and start unloading the shipping containers to start the distribution . PR’s is over and the hand outs have to your country not run from it…put the people to work to start helping themselves.

    1. They can’ do it alone! The devastation was complete and our government response was too little and too late! They are American citizens, just like Texans and Floridians, and deserve at least what the others are getting. 40,000 first responders sent to the Florida Keys and only 10,000 to P.R.