By Lisa Petrillo

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Welcome to Bird and Bone inside the Confidante Hotel on Miami Beach.

Chef and partner Richard Hales has the reigns, giving his take and spin on traditional country cuisine.

It’s an American inspired menu with a twist- highlighted by its name- “Bird and Bone.”

“The ‘bird’ in the name is that we focus on fried chicken.  The ‘bone’ is the meat portion of it so we do a lot of steaks and chops, pork chops and tomahawk steaks,” Hales explained. “So that’s the bird and bone that guided me into this concept.”

When it came to the look, it’s an open air design that makes him smil and he hopes his guests, feel right at home.

“We were working with the designers and he said you look like a nice guy but there’s an edge to you,” Hales said. “So that’s what we wanted to create, kind of like a mischievous kid that grew up and this is house and he’s cooking this great food for you.”

Chef Hales spent a lot of time in the south perfecting his signature fried chicken dish.

“So I started doing a lot of studying and eating of southern food going from Savannah to Asheville to Nashville to Austin and Dallas,” Hales said. “When I had hot chicken for the first time I was completely blown away .I said we have to bring this  back to Miami.”

Hales’ Hot Chicken with Florida Honey is served with homemade mustard sauce,  cucumber, pickle and Zac The Baker bread.

“You put this bread on the bottom so it soaks up all the juices so you can eat it or wipe your brow with it,” Hales said laughing.

“First of all that crunch is amazing and it’s so tender and delicious and it’s got some heat,” said CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo after biting in.

Next a dish called 3 Jars. It’s served with homemade chips.  One jar has egg salad and ham, another ricotta cheese with pepper jelly and the third avocado with blue cheese honey and almonds.

“The sweet is the honey and there’s a softness in the avocado,” Petrillo said.

“And then you get a toasty taste with almonds,” Chef Hales added.

Bird and Bone serves Brunch and the Tipsy Texas Sandwich won’t leave you hungry.

“So that’s a whole hearty sandwich. It’s BBQ. We don’t do too much BBQ but little touches here and there,” Hales said.

Its barbeque brisket, smoked sausage and homemade cole slaw.

“That is a gourmet Texas BBQ. It has “cheffy” stuff in it with heft and so much flavor,” Petrillo said after tasting.

Located at Collins Avenue and 4th street – Bird And Bone is out of the South Beach fast track.

“What’s the challenge to get people to come in a go into a hotel?” Petrillo asked.

“The challenge is what you asked. We’re not in South Beach we’re in mid beach so just getting the word out,” Hales said.

‘If you’re not into DJ’s and partying all the time then this is the place to go,” he added. “I’m not a South Beach guy – you got to give it to The Confidante for bringing me in. We are focused on hospitality. We are focused on food.”

Bird and Bone is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner- brunch on Sunday. For more info visit


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