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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Like a cold, good and bad moods can be ‘picked up’ from those around you.

Your friends have the most impact, according to a new study led by the University of Warwick.

“Evidence suggests mood may spread from person to person via a process known as social contagion,” said Public health statistics researcher Rob Eyre who led the study.

The team’s findings show that’s not the only thing that spreads among friends – so do symptoms of depression like helplessness and loss of interest.

While those are contagious, they are not strong enough to push other friends into depression, researchers said.

It’s also about how many people you surround yourself with.

They found that having more friends who suffer from bad moods makes it more likely for you to be in a bad mood with a lesser chance of improving your mood.

There is flip side to that.

According to the study, the opposite applies to people who surrounded themselves with more positive people.

Comments (12)
  1. Sam Wise says:

    Only the dumbest amongst us didn’t already know this.
    Maybe more shocking to many people would be that ideas are also infectious. Even if they are very wrong ideas. For example, people think govt couldn’t run without income taxes.
    whatistaxed c om

  2. Dan Brower says:

    It is called “Group Think”…………….something the vast hoards of people are vulnerable to since it requires little effort on the individuals part to use their own intelligence.
    Examples “liberalism”, Socialism, Diversity, “racism”.

  3. Mike Rice says:

    This is not news. A friend of mine named Adam was down on Tuesday when I met him at a cocal coffee house that’s really an alcohol. Its easy as hell to give a friend a boost when he’s down. But its noxious to influence in the opposite direction. I couldn’t bring myself to do that

  4. Liberals have been in an uninterrupted, collective bad mood since they unseated Nixon in 1974. Their obsessive blind hatred of all things conservation has grown, penetrated and accelerated through the Reagan and Bush years reaching critical mass with Trump. They have taken Hollywood, the MSM, academia, sports…even the Miss America Pageant with them into their joyless hell, and they can all hang out in these swamps together. Those of us who support Trump are feeling a breath of clean air and will soon find better things to do. If you want to catch a good mood, hang with us!

  5. Jeff Mason says:

    Obesity spreads-no pun intended- by the same means.

  6. I’m perfectly capable of morose with absolutely no assistance, but thanks anyway.