By Lauren Pastrana

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — As we continue to deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Irma and the possibility of more storms to come this season, I’ve been talking to a lot of people who say they’d do things a bit differently the next time around.

We always talk about flashlights, batteries and bottled water, but I’m hearing about some changes many plan to make to their hurricane prep plans.

Today’s Lauren’s List includes four things many people plan to get before the next storm threatens.

  1. Chainsaw- Remember the chainsaw wielding nun? She took matters into her own hands and had her school cleaned up and the road clear in no time. While it may not be the safest option, I’m seeing a lot of people plan to buy chainsaws so they’re ready to go should a big tree block them in.
  2. Solar-powered cell phone charger- I actually ordered one of these before Irma, but it didn’t arrive in time. However, after hearing from several friends who sat in their cars to charge their phones, wasting precious gas, I’d say solar is the way to go moving forward.
  3. Window A/C Unit- This would have been pretty handy during the 7 days without power at my house. Assuming a generator is already part of your hurricane kit, or you plan to get one, a window A/C unit could be hooked up to keep at least one room cool while you wait for electricity to return.
  4. Hotel reservations- Better to have them and not need them, then not have them, and have to call 50 different places looking for one with power and availability. Make sure wherever you’re booking has a generator and a good cancellation policy in case you don’t need the room after all.

What lessons did you learn from Irma and what will you be adding to your pre-storm checklist? Tell me on Facebook or Twitter.

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Lauren Pastrana