Going into the 10th season of The Doctors, Dr. Andrew Ordon and Dr. Travis Stork admit they’ve grown a lot with the show, learning principles that they use in their daily lives as much as they’ve helped impart lessons and information to guests and audiences. The Doctors talked to CBS Local about the show’s new season, talking about how the show has changed over the years, what vegetable sums up the evolution of medical trends over the last 10 years, and their two-part interview with Aaron Carter.


This week is the season 10 premiere of The Doctors. Since this show started airing, what has changed about the medical profession and America’s approach to health, and how has that informed your objective for the show?

Dr. Andrew Ordon: That’s a multi-part question there! Well, doing this 10 years, medicine changes everyday. There’s always new topics, new treatments, new issues, a new disease that we have to address and talk about. So we’re never lacking new material to touch on. We’ve learned over 10 seasons how to step through that and give our audience and viewers what they need to know.

Dr. Travis Stork: In 10 years, it’s allowed me to step back, look at our healthcare system and tell our viewers: Look, you have so much control over your own health, whether it be the foods you eat, the way you live your life, the positive attitude that you have when you approach your day. I think we all know our healthcare system is a little bit broken.

AO: Yes it is.

TS: And people always come to me and say, “Well, what can I do about that?” The truth is, we don’t know what’s gonna happen in the next 10 years with our healthcare system. But we do know that if you start taking steps today — and I’m talking about quitting smoking, improving the foods you eat — we’ve learned more and more how those play such a huge role in how long and how well you live. Drew and I know that we’ve become healthier everyday.

AO: For sure. We’re asked, “How has it been for you over 10 years?” We practice what we preach. I’ve learned from being on the show. I learn all the time. I try to subscribe to the things we suggest on the show, and it’s paying off.

TS: All you have to do is say one word to Drew about what’s changed: Arugula.

AO: Arugula.

TS: Kale.

AO: Arugula. [laughs] You know, we make fun of that, but my eating habits have improved dramatically over 10 years on the show. But at the same time, we make it clear: Moderation with everything. Whether that be alcohol, or certain types of foods–

TS: Or botox.

AO: Or botox. [laughs]

Just once in a while. To kick off the season, you guys are starting with a two-part interview with Aaron Carter, who’s definitely been in the public eye before. What surprised you the most about meeting Aaron?

TS: I think the thing that surprised me the most was, this is a young man who’s a people-pleaser. When you’re a people-pleaser in the public spotlight since the age of seven, you’re going to face an uphill battle. Having him on the show, we’re addressing his medical concerns, his significant weight loss, his concerns about potentially sexually transmitted infections, and addiction. When you peel back all the layers, this is just a young man who’s struggling in life. And probably moreso than most because all the media attention he’s dealt with since he was a little kid has never allowed him to grow up normally.

AO: He just wants to be liked and please people. Being a superstar since such an early age, now he realizes that he has a number of issues going on. What struck me was he’s really reaching out, he wants help, he wants answers to some of these issues that are concerning.

What does the future hold for Aaron?

TS: As with anyone, what the future holds is dependent on Aaron and what he decides to do right now. I think this is a potential turning point in Aaron’s life, but he has to be the one to choose. One of the things we do on The Doctors is, if you have a problem, we like to give you the resources to solve that problem. Whether or not he chooses to use those resources is something that’s ultimately up to Aaron. And that’s something that we talk about in the two-part series with Aaron.

AO: He’s made the first two big steps: I have a problem, and I need help. We’ve put together a great team to help him deal with each part of his issues. Hopefully he’s gonna jump on board because he’s a good guy.


The second part of the The Doctors two-part interview with Aaron Carter airs today. Check your local listings for more information.


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