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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Residents of Miami Beach who evacuated before Hurricane Irma’s arrival will have to wait until at least Tuesday morning before they can return to their homes.

Miami Beach emergency officials said conditions remain dangerous until their crews can assess the damage in the light of day and clear the roads. They remind all residents that there will be a curfew Monday night beginning at 7 p.m. that runs through Tuesday at 7 a.m.

No cars will be permitted to enter the city until Tuesday at 8:00 a.m. A valid resident ID is required for entry.

City officials said there are several dangerous areas with downed power lines and debris that need to be cleared. While teams are clearing the city, they ask residents in the city not to leave their homes.

“We have power lines down, we have trees blocking the road, we have some gas leaks around Miami Beach, we have power outages everywhere,” said Mayor Philip Levine. “We have crews all over the city clearing the roads. We want the people of Miami Beach to return as soon as possible and as safe as possible. I beg and plead for everyone’s patience, we want everybody to come back but we want you to come back in a safe mode.”

Beach officials also want to remind residents to treat intersections with traffic signals that are inoperable as a four-way stop and use caution.

The mayor said they haven’t seen any structural damage and their preparations, along with a shift in the storm, prevented any prolonged street flooding.

“We are thankful that the flooding Miami Beach had was minimal. The areas where we raised our roads, put in pumps, put in portable generators, fared very well. There was no flooding whatsover. We are very, very happy about that,” he said.

On Tuesday, residents will be allowed to re-enter first, followed by business owners, their employees and contractors.

Residents must show a state ID or other documentation showing proof of residency in Miami Beach. Business owners, their employees and contractors must supply the proper documentation they were given prior to evacuation.

Beginning Wednesday morning at 9 a.m. all parking garages will be back to normal use and will begin charging for parking. They asked anyone who parked in a city garage to protect their car to please move it.

Comments (13)
  1. Tim Lampman says:

    why am I still hearing reportage on Irma??

  2. Karen Walker says:

    This is one reason why people won’t leave. They know they will be blocked reentering to get to their property. Too much nanny-ism. Get out of the way. Quit treating people like children Unlike Europeans Americans resent it. We are more independent and if we need temporary help we’d rather it be through a faith based or private organization,not the govt. Private organizations can usually get their quicker and are more efficient.

  3. Surely this Hurricane is Trumps fault. All the Democrats will be anxiously awaiting to Trash our President when he publicly gives his condolences.

    Trump could literally cure cancer but yet there would always be someone out there saying what a terrible man he is.

    Real Americans took our country back from globalist elite! We wanted our jobs and our nation back! Our healthcare was too expensive. Mine is $700/month now (thanks to Obamacare). My car insurance is still $25 per month (from Insruance Panda), but what are the Democrats plans for that? If you look at Democrat strongholds like Detroit and New Orleans, car insurance will run you $300+ per month! Look for increase in taxes too!

    We are revolting against our Democrat/Socialist over-lords. And it feels good!

  4. in my neigbohood when trees go down we get out our chain saws and remove them ourselves pretty simple

  5. Andrew Ziolo says:

    Prohibition from returning to your own home, possible felony charges for leaving your pet. Clearly, you are much better off ignoring evacuation orders if at all possible.

  6. Perfect time to not allow illegal aliens not to return, at all!