larry block6 ON THE RADAR – WEEK 3: Riding Out The Storm
Over the past few days, we have watched and witnessed as football, in South Florida, has been put on a back burner.
If you understand the passion that is football in the 305 and 954, you can fully comprehend how tough the choice was to cancel the Miami Dolphins, Miami Hurricanes and the lifeline of the summer and fall – high schools.
With Miami Central out in Las Vegas, not one other program from Miami-Dade and Broward had the chance to play this week, and that is something that really hits home.
South Florida is like no other place when it comes to this sport. The passion, talent and the race to impress some college coach is what these youngster have been taught since they began playing.
Missing a football game in this region is simply unheard of, and that’s what makes this week so very tough.
This is the week – where Mother Nature dictates what happens – and even though we get our share of storms each year – nothing has brought this sport to a standstill like Hurricane Irma.
Back in 1992, Hurricane Andrew was the first “modern day” storm to bring football to a halt. It was weeks before stadiums were ready, players were all back together and the knowledge of what a massive storm can do.
Two generations have passed since Hurricane Andrew, and roughly 65 percent of those living in this region have never gone through a life-changing storm like the one that is on our doorstep.
For those youngsters and families who stayed in South Florida, this is a time where we let go and continue to pray that everything will work out fine in the end.
While football is only a game, it is the “way out” for so many. It is that job that you always wanted. It’s that scholarship offer that has long been your dream.
As football took this week off, there were a number of athletes who stepped into the spotlight in the first two weeks and have turned some heads.
We just wanted to take this time to wish everyone the best in the coming days – and of course in the recovery. We cannot mince words when we say that there has been nothing in the past 25 years that has threatened our life and passion. Prayers for a quick return to our passion – football!
Throughout the course of a year, we bring you football players to keep an eye on. Today, we bring you 6 more:
2020 – Marcus Fleming, WR, Miami High. This is one of those elite sophomores, who came to high school with a solid reputation at the youth level. Extremely talented young man who not only represents the future of this program, but also the present as well – jumping right into the mix from the beginning. Very impressive football player, who will only get better.
2018 – Corey Hammett, RB, Miami Northwestern. This one time youth football standout was the player that everyone watched as a freshman and sophomore at Booker T. Washington, but last year, he brought his many talents to play for the Bulls, showcasing his skills. This year, they are expecting a lot from this versatile prospect, who catches the ball very well.
2018 – Herman Jackson, DB, Miami Southrdge. Here is an under the radar football talent who we had the pleasure of watching since his days at Killian. Has plenty of instincts and is always around the ball. This is truly one of those football players who should have a banner season. The Spartans will need his play if they are going to defend their 8A state title.
2019 – Jimpson Jean, CB, Lauderdale Lakes Boyd Anderson. Nearly every year, there is a football prospect at this school that really steps up and grabs the attention. This year, while the Cobras are loaded with athletes, here is someone who has already made an impact at the varsity level – and is expected to continue making major strides. The coaches love his passion for the game.
2018 – Kaleb McCarty, LB, Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas. Here is a football player that we actually brought you last year, when he was at Oxbridge Academy in West Palm Beach. A talented defensive force who figures to be one of the athletes who makes plays, ahead of a big time secondary. When you watch the Raiders play, you can see how well he fits in.
2019 – Kyle Walters, RB, Plantation. They talked about this impressive football talent last year. His future was bright – and while he didn’t get the publicity he deserved – this year has watched that change, already. The return of veteran coach Steve Davis has been huge in his development of a big time running back. Another of the very impressive players in South Florida who has flown beneath the radar.
Catch the South Florida High Sports Radio Show each Monday night (9-10) on WQAM (560AM). For the past 10 years, the players and coaches who are making the headlines, join the program. You will learn a lot!
south florida high school sports ON THE RADAR – WEEK 3: Riding Out The Storm

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