As the season began last week, it was a reminder that from now until National Signing Day, there will be some reason to put recruiting on the front burner.

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With the completion of the first Kickoff Classics two weeks ago, video links went out to every corner of the country, announcing that the season had begun and football would indeed be a priority for at least the next five months.

While college coaches have their own seasons to be concerned with, high school prospects are still a major priority – and just one missed communication could send a 17-year-old’s mind thinking that the college had started to lose interest.

All the weight training and skill camps have delivered the high school athletes to the football field – where pads and helmets take the place of flags and shorts.

What this next 10 weeks will represent are programs trying to reach the pinnacle of the sport – while the athletes continue to put their potential college playing careers on the line every week.

The state of Florida is always a priority when recruiting. All the schools in the state follow what’s going on – from Key West to Pensacola and everywhere in-between. But the programs outside of Florida have contacts who keep them up to date on athletes.

The advent of video and the internet over the past decades have put recruiting in a position where it gets less complicated each year. Video that happened three minutes ago is already up and around the world. Advantage recruits!

As we continue to watch many athletes in South Florida, we will continue to bring them to you, so you can see how the talent level is still amazing.

Heading toward the second week of the season, here are six more football players to add to the growing list:   

2019 – Antwan Anderson, QB/WR, Miami Killian. One of the prospects that we had the pleasure of watching in the offseason and came away impressed by his athleticism and passion for the game. A very talented football player who can make a difference in a program because of his versatility. Throws and runs the ball well from the quarterback position – and as a receiver – he is extremely gifted. Yet another of the football players in this region that continues to fly beneath the radar.


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2019 FLORIDA PROSPECT SPOTLIGHT: Juwan James, DT, Carol City. From the first time we watched him as a ninth grader at Hialeah-Miami Lakes, then at Norland for a minute and now with the Chiefs, this is an athletic football player who learned to play the sport at a young age, and has grown into a very talented prospect. Is yet another playmaker for a program that is loaded with them on the defensive side of the ball. This is a season where he will start to get plenty of attention. With two years left, you can guarantee that his name will start getting out there.


2019 – Daniel Jones, WR, Fort Lauderdale Calvary Christian. While there are several prospects who have been underexposed the past few years, here is a football talent that several coaches talked about in the offseason – and he started the season with a huge game in a win against Miami Westminster Christian. A versatile talent who runs well and also catches – and as the season moves along – there will be more of his highlights, where college coaches have a chance to see how impressive this young man will be.


2018 – Darrick McClary, DB, Oakland Park Northeast. The Hurricanes continue to grow and are making major strides on the field, and with a few additions in the offseason, things are starting to look very promising. This is a quality talent who came in this year with plenty of skills in the secondary. He covers and plays a physical game – and is someone who will be valuable in teaching the younger players as well.


2018 – Anthony Puntonet, S/OLB, Coral Gables. One of the prospects who comes back for the Cavaliers this season after a productive spring and summer. A physical presence who is a fluid safety – or an outside linebacker who can cover as well as get after the passer on blitzes. If you have watched him perform, you already know that he is indeed one of those players who lifts the rest of the team up with his love for the game and his knowledge. This should be a banner season for Anthony.


2018 – Landan Thomas, RB, Coral Springs Charter. The past two seasons at Madison High School in Vienna, Va., many were talking about the way this young man ran the ball – using speed and plenty of skill. One of those talented young men who comes to Florida to compete – and has already started to turn heads. Those who have watched him play believe that he will be one of the best in South Florida before the year is out. He can play this game – and as the season moves along, many will start finding out about him. This is a very impressive football talent.


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