By Eliott Rodriguez

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Throughout this summer, various Miami-Dade County Parks have kept their summer camp youth moving with a national program called the Morning Mile.

We met with Robyn Brockington at Hammocks Community Park, who explained how the Morning Mile works.

“The Morning Mile is something that AvMed actually introduced to Miami-Dade Parks and Recreation.” Robyn explained. “And so we pretty much just kind of started where the kids run every morning, or walk, and they’ll walk a mile or walk laps.”

The camp members arrive at the camp every morning and begin by playing games. Next, they head outside and begin their warm up to make sure everyone is ready to begin walking or running the mile. The daily Morning Mile workout has proven to be very beneficial for many camp members.

“We have some kids that aren’t active. Once they start, it’s almost addictive to some of the kids. You can see some of the kids walking by and where they actually do extra laps early in the morning,” said Robyn. “So health-wise it is good, getting the exercise and blood flowing.”

Some camp members, like Valerie, have even lost weight by doing the Morning Mile.

“Sometimes I like to hear music, so I put the music on my phone and start running or walking,” said Valerie. “And yeah, I’ve lost a few pounds.”

To keep the camp members excited and eager to run a mile every morning, they receive small charms every time they complete a certain amount of miles.

“You get a necklace with, like, a foot that counts how many miles you have,” explained camper Emilio Rosas. “So every time you do miles, they give you a foot.”

Camp member Terralyn Brockington, explains how the Morning Mile helps her feel better throughout the rest of the day. “I feel like it warms you up throughout the day. At the beginning, you walk or run and it helps you throughout the day.”

Although students are back in school now, it’s a good idea to look into Miami-Dade County Public Parks offering the Morning Mile program for the future.

Click here for a list of all parks offering summer and school break camps.

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AvMed, the sponsor of the Morning Mile program at Miami-Dade County Parks, is also the sponsor of the CBS4  Moving U campaign.



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