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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Hate has arrived at Miami’s doorstep in the form of Swastikas painted on palm trees.

The anti-Semitic symbols were sprayed right off the MacArthur Causeway and Biscayne Blvd.

Someone tried to clean it up – but much like the effects of hate, it’s hard to erase it completely.

It comes at a time when the country is on edge and hate seems to dominate headlines.

Community and religious leaders are speaking out Wednesday night.

“We have to speak out in the loudest words possible that haters have no place here. That the haters do not belong here,” said Rabbi Solomon Schiff with the Rabbinical Association of Greater Miami. “That this is a community and country that is based on love and integrity and that all men and women are created equal.”

This incident is just days removed from the violent white nationalist and neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia that included a man driving his car into crowded group of counter-protesters, killing one woman.

“I don’t understand why we can’t get along,” said visitor Martin Vezina. “We create a divide in ourselves by identifying one way or another instead of all being humans first.”

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The Swastikas on the trees are the latest in the string of incidents in the area.

James Medina plead guilty to federal hate crime charges after he admitted he intended to use explosives against Turnbery Jewish Center.

And back in March two bomb threats, days apart, at the David Posnack Jewish Day School in Davie.

Comments (25)
  1. Done by a lefty, no doubt, just like all the other fake “hate crimes.” Twenty or so, just this year.

  2. you can always tell when it was done by social justice warriors. Neo Nazis are toothless idiots, but one thing they are capable of is producing a proper swastika.

    1. Thank you, Honestly I had to look it up on the web and you are correct, it’s done backwards. So you may be correct. An Antifa or BLM person must have spray painted it on there

  3. Most likely another hoax by a liberal idiot trying to stir up more hatred against the right. There have been a lot of such incidents just in the last couple of years. I stopped Tweeting because there are so many hate-filled liberals attacking even innocuous Tweets. They can’t control themselves. Their hate is so prevalent now it’s almost tangible. They’re going to push too far and regret it.

  4. Jose Ortega says:

    The Swastikas were most likely put there by the liberal left as a means to stir up trouble. There is a sinister plot behind this chaos and its masterminds can be traced back to the highest levels of the Democrat Party. The same agents who trained protesters to provoke violence at the Trump political rallies have again been employed by the Dems. This is not about removing Civil War monuments, its about creating political strife and swaying public opinion against President Trump, VP Pence, and the GOP in general.The Democrats are using racism as their tool to manipulate an ignorant public, who by the way, has an average intelligence of 7th grade.This is a scheme devised by the Democrats to galvanize most Americans into voting for Democrats in then midterm elections. When the Democrats regain control of both Houses they will begin an article 25 hearing for President Trump. The Dems have assembled 37 notable psychiatrists who will testify under oath that President Trump is mentally incompetent to carry out the duties of his office. Robert Mueller is closing in on President Trump’s cabinet and VP. Most are expected to resign rather than face the possibility of criminal charges. The Dem’s goal is to create enough social dissension that will result in violent street clashes between the right and left. The Dems will apply additional pressure by a vote to repeal the 2nd and 22nd amendments. House speaker Ryan will be removed and Barack Obama will be reinstated as our 46th President along with Hillary Clinton as his VP. Obama will be given a LIFE TERM with the authority to pick his successor. Those who oppose will be arrested and indefinitely detained. As I write this post Obama is grooming himself for his return to the Presidency. Those of you who call me crazy are too blind and stupid to see it happening. It’s unfolding before your eyes in small pieces. Those of you who support the Destroy Our Heritage movement are being manipulated as if you were puppets. This is the price we pay for the dumbing down of America.

  5. The only way to solve this hatred is to remove every White Christian like we did in Russia. Haven’t heard a peep of hate from the 100 Million we silenced. We can do the same here!

  6. Mike Taylor says:

    Every single time this happens, it’s never who the media tries to blame at first. Literally every single time.

  7. Swastikas obviously drawn by a person who does not know how to draw one… another liberal false-flag attack. Hey news media, do your job… start investigating and tell the truth!

  8. Omygosh! Run! Run! Be very afraid. There’s a Nazi behind every palm tree, I tell you. Instead of a gun behind every blade of grass, to paraphrase a Japanese General … which is why America was not invaded by Japanese troops during WWII.

  9. Peter Fisher says:

    The main stream press instigates these conflicts in order to create news to generate ratings to make money. Crisis news means money to these corporate giants. Conflict, conflict , conflict. Producers of reality shows egg on the participants to engage in conflicts. News is entertainment people. Its entertainment.