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Whether you work for a global corporation or a small local company, chances are your employer has made an effort recently to help you stay healthy.  The motivation for the move might lean toward altruistic or self-serving, but regardless, as an employee you’d be wise to take advantage of what is being offered.

Many companies are not only helping employees with information about physical fitness and nutrition, but also providing the means for improvement in the form of healthy snacks, time off for fitness classes or gym equipment in the workplace.

According to Forbes, “organizations now realize they need some type of wellness initiative to stay current and competitive – and wellness is more than just physical health. Work site wellness will start to see a shift in initiatives and goals to support total well-being which takes into account the full spectrum of wellness, including mental, emotional and physical elements.”

South Florida has numerous examples of progressive employee wellness programs.  Miami-Dade County is moving forward with a platform called Wellness Works, presented to its 26,000 employees as “a partnership between you and a trained, professional Health & Wellness Coach to help you be your best and healthiest self.”

The County’s initiative is designed to not simply tell employees what to do, but to give them access to personal attention from a coach who has a view of the entirety of each person’s health. The coach will create a program based on each client’s current physical condition, health history, physical skill level, daily behaviors and goals.

Wellness Works provides Miami-Dade County employees with access to onsite health coaches and a nutritionist, as well as, health education and screenings for all employees.

Fitness trends and ideologies are constantly changing and the approaches to fitness in workplaces throughout Florida are changing with them.  Current day programs focus on creating and promoting the concept of wellness to include things like mindfulness, stress management and an emphasis on total well-being. When that kind of wellness culture is created, employees will benefit in big and small ways and participation is likely to increase.

If your employer is offering, take them up on it! You will be better for it.


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