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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – There is a group of women who love shooting hoops, but it’s not basketball, it’s netball and it’s how these women keep moving.

Grace Bailey is the President of the Florida Netball Association and her team, The Pacesetters Netball Club.

Netball is a fast team sport which involves running, jumping, throwing and catching. It’s very similar to basketball but there are different rules. For example: the ball can’t touch the floor, they play different positions on the court, and the hoop doesn’t have a backboard.

“We have young people who do not get into basketball, but when they come and play netball and develop that team spirit, they do much better at basketball,” Grace explained.

Michelle Stennet is a regular “Goal Shoot” on the team.

“In netball, there are a lot of rules, it’s very different, especially with your foot motions, learning all of that, it takes a lot of time,” Michelle explained. “We have practice Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and about 2-3 hours’ practice.”

Netball is a sport played mainly by women that is played all around the world. With the help of these ladies, the sport has slowly made its way to the U.S.

Carole Hokrein is the retired administrator of the U.S.A. Netball Association and a former netball referee. She explained just how worldwide the sport is and how it helps her grow her social circle.

“I can go to any country, where there’s netball, and there’s about 85 registered at the moment, and it’s probably played in 120 countries,” Carole noted. “I will either know someone, or someone will know me, or they’ll say ‘I know where there’s netball and you can join in’ and immediately have a new social circle of friends.”

Netball works out the whole body, so you can stay fit and healthy, without having to visit the gym.

“Physically, it gives me that all around exercise that you normally go to the gym for. I do not need to go to the gym, because when I go to the netball court, I feel fit from head to toe,” Grace explained. “So it’s always running, jumping, and doing those physical exercises you have to pay to do at the gym.”

The best part about the sport is that anyone can play. You don’t need to be tall or even a fast runner to join a netball team.

“Everyone doesn’t have to be going at the same speed; everyone doesn’t have to be the same size. This sport helps to build self-esteem, you’ll see here some people are older,” explained Dr. Edina Bayne, Pacesetters Netball Club Coach. “The oldest person on the court today is 70-something. She used to be an international player and she has a good arm.”

Joycelyn Peltier is one of the team’s goal shoots and has been playing for more 60 years. For her, it’s an ideal way to stay active at her age.

“Exercise, it keeps you energetic, it makes no sense to be home doing nothing. It could be netball, basketball, run, jog, whatever,” Joycelyn declared. “I have a bad knee from all these years, I just play for the fun of it.”

The ladies on this team don’t let anything stop them from playing.

“I want you to know, I got two kids, seven grand, and five great grand, and I’m still on the court,” Joycelyn added.

These ladies often play at an indoor gym at Vernon E. Hargray Youth Enrichment Center.

There are other outdoor netball courts at Central Broward Regional Park & Stadium.

You can also reach them at the website for the Florida Netball Association in Miramar.

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