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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Video of a shark, tied to a boat, and dragged-to-death, is angering tens of thousands of people on social media and has caught the attention of state investigators.

The video appears to show a shark, tied by its tail, dragged by a speeding boat. The image then moves to show three men on that boat, laughing as they look back at the shark.

“When I first saw it I almost, like, threw up. It was so horrifying,” said the South Florida shark hunter known as Mark The Shark. He claims a social media admirer sent him the video looking for praise.

“They said ‘Oh, this is pretty cool, look what we did to the shark’ and I go ‘Are you kidding me man?’ and that’s when I instantly reposted it and that’s when all the feedback started coming out. All the people started going crazy and it went viral.”

More than 40,000 people have seen the video of the shark violently flopping around, popping above and below of the surface of the water. At one point a man on the boat is heard mocking the dying animal.

“Look, it’s already almost dead,” he’s heard saying while pointing at the shark.

Adding insult to injury, Mark The Shark says he was later sent a picture of the dead shark’s mangled carcass, held up like a trophy catch.

He says he notified the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, and FWC confirms officers are working the case.

“To drag a shark by the tail on a rope, it’s not sporting. It’s not. It should be against the law,” said Mark the Shark.

Right now FWC says it’s investigating.

FWC officers tell CBS4 News they’re taking this very seriously and looking into whether any laws were broken.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the FWC’s Wildlife Alert Hotline at 888-404-3922 or Individuals can remain anonymous.

Comments (79)
  1. Sardondi says:

    It’s a SHARK! It doesn’t know it exists. But I really, really wish the investigators spending their time on this and the reporters so breathlessly covering this story would interview the “shark community” for their responses and feelings.

  2. So suffocating a shark = ok.
    Dragging a shark = not ok.

    Just trying to keep up…

  3. That would be like dragging a black bear by the leg behind your jeep. But, it’s a BLACK BEAR! It doesn’t know it exists. So it’s Ok.

  4. Hal Slusher says:

    It is a fish we hook em and drown them in air then fry them up. Should have just shot the damn thing

  5. Keith Diggs says:

    Jesus Christ defined the children of SATAN thusly,

    Matthew 23:24 Ye blind guides, which strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel.

    You have a conniption fit over something TRIVIAL while having absolutely NO PROBLEM with something hugely evil.


    A dead baby in the womb? CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES, C’Mon! It’s a celebration baby !

  6. Oh yes, thank you so much “authorities”. Let the drug cartels through, but omg shark got hurt.

  7. Joe Brown says:

    I forgot my stringer of fish in the water one time, and my fish dragged in the water at top speed. When I realized it, I slowed down and pulled them in out of the water…

  8. Will CBS show a video of an abortion of a human child?

  9. Will CBS News please interview the families of people killed by sharks and find out how they feel about this?

  10. Zane Ketchum says:

    Yet Chinese murder millions for shark fin soup and y’all still buying there stuff. Cry me a river you hypocrites.

  11. Mastr Baiter says:

    Dragging is a commonly used way to kill big fish believe it or not.

    1. Shark fishermen, if they don’t have a bang stick, shotgun on a stick will drag backward to kill. You can’t have a large fish flopping around your boat hurting people and the boat. yeah and they use sharp hooks, duh, get a grip. All deep-sea fishing crews have a gaff and
      billy club to bash their brains. It’s called FISHING

  12. Bob Parker says:

    They’re only concerned because it’s Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.

  13. a waste? may not, this could be a new tenderizing technique. don’t judge until you taste it!

  14. Al Holt says:

    I doubt this is the 1st time someone did this, but it’s possibly one of the 1st times someone filmed/recorded it.
    There were some drunk white boys in Texas a few years back that dragged a Black man with a pick up truck till his head came off.
    Vlad the Impaler stuck his enemies on pikes and lined the entrances to conquered cities with them.
    S Sudan is a very recent example of man’s cruelty, ditto Syria.

  15. Ashley Jones says:

    Heartless, cruel, criminal, conservative, frat boy, right-wing extremist, deplorable trump voters.