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Senior NFL Columnist for, Pete Prisco joined the Joe Rose Show on 560 WQAM and discussed the all-time fantasy draft made by the Listen as he rips the list apart for having so many QBs ahead of Dan Marino. Also, listen as Prisco explains why he thinks Colin Kaepernick is still not on an NFL team.

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On the MMQB all-time fantasy draft- “There’s no way in hell Terry Bradshaw is in the same sentence as Dan [Marino].  I can’t stand when people use [Super Bowl] rings [to judge players]. That’s a team stat.”

On Washington QB Kirk Cousins contract situation- “I think it was a bad situation. He’s a top 12 quarterback maybe and he wants top 3 money. In my mind he’s a good quarterback looking for great quarterback money.”

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On Colin Kaepernick- “Nobody knows what he wants, if you have a rental backup quarterback for a year it doesn’t make any sense, what is he asking for, he needs to come out and say what he will play for, he may be waiting for someone to go down in camp.”