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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Emojis may be more than just a fun communication tool – they can also possibly change your mood and promote productivity.

On the third annual World Emoji Day, we celebrate the expressive faces that are becoming more and more part of our vernacular but did you know that emojis in the workplace can possibly affect your productivity in a positive way?

University of Delaware Professor Kyle Emich has been studying the effects of emotions and emojis in the workplace. Usually, in their studies, they’ll induce different emotions by showing people happy or sad videos or pictures.

“For example, we show students a video of a dancing dog and hippo to make them feel happy. There is no reason why receiving an emoji cannot similarly induce a happy or sad state,” said Emich.

He says since emojis use facial expressions, it could make a person “feel the emotion the emoji displays” since people tend to mimic what others are doing.

So by seeing a smiley face, you’re more likely to feel happier – something that affects your productivity for the better.

“And good moods can encourage people not just to work with others, but to help them as well,” said Emich.

He also found in his research that emojis can broaden your mindset by encouraging you to “consider people that you might not normally contact,” Emich said.

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