There’s never a dull moment in the NBA offseason. Even before the official midnight Saturday starting point of free agency, reports of trades and signings flew in from all directions.

The Indiana Pacers traded Paul George to the Oklahoma City Thunder for surprisingly little in return.  This shocker comes after weeks of the media speculating George to the Boston Celtics. George heading out to the Western Conference will surely have a ripple effect on the Miami Heat and everyone else in the East.

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Later, the Golden State Warriors and 2-time league MVP Stephen Curry agreed to the richest contract in NBA History: 5 years, $201 Million.

The hosts on 560 WQAM react!

Orlando Alzugaray: “With Paul George getting traded to OKC, Boston will now have trouble building the super team everybody talked about. Miami’s chances of landing Gordon Hayward just increased.

As for Steph Curry, his new deal is well deserved after going through a 4 year – 44 million dollar deal despite being one of the league’s best. He’s a bargain and he deserves his money. He sacrificed the last 4 years, and now it’s the Warrior’s turn to sacrifice for him.”

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Marc Hochman: “The Paul George trade was a shock to me. As a Heat fan it’s nice to see him end up in OKC rather than Boston. Paul George and Russell Westbrook are going to make one heck of a combo! The West is really going to have some stacked teams.

Meanwhile, Steph Curry deserves every penny. What price can you put on someone who literally changed the game of basketball?”

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Channing Crowder: “Russell Westbrook became OKC’s Batman last year and now he has his Robin. The reigning MVP now has an All-NBA player to take some pressure off him. Russ and George are both extremely hungry for a ring. They’ll be exciting to watch.

Steph Curry was winning championships and MVP’s while playing for a six-pack of socks and a half eaten keylime pie. He deserves every dime, especially with where the NBA has gone with all the ‘small ball’ and outside shooting.”

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Alex Donno: “Not only was I surprised by Paul George to OKC, I was dumbfounded by how little Indiana got in return for him. Was Boston even trying to get George? I thought the Celtics’ master plan to lure Gordon Hayward in free agency would be promising him to also add Paul George by trade – to create a super team. This OKC trade is excellent news for the Miami Heat. Pat Riley’s chances to land Gordon Hayward just got better.

As for Steph Curry: he deserves this. He’s the face of the NBA’s current dynasty. He already won two MVP’s and two championships on a discounted deal. Now is the time for the Warriors to show him the money, and they just did.”

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Zach Krantz: “With this Paul Geoge trade, the real winner is the Miami Heat. The West keeps getting better and the East getting worse! If Miami can sign Hayward, they are at worst the 4-seed in the East. Without doing anything yet, the Heat might have already gotten better.”

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