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News broke early Wednesday morning that Phil Jackson and the New York Knicks had parted ways. The “Zen Master” spent three years as Knicks team president, committing blunder after blunder. The hosts on 560 WQAM react to his exit.`

Joe Rose: “We’re gonna miss all the entertainment he gave us almost every day. Some of the weirdest, craziest, dumbest stuff we’ve ever seen in the history of a front office professional. Lost. Toxic. Outdated. Clueless. Head-scratching.”

Zach Krantz: “As a Knicks hater it kind of makes me upset that Phil Jackson isn’t there anymore. He was literally finding a new way every day to make that team worse: from ruining the relationship with Carmelo Anthony to trying to trade Kristaps Porzingis.”

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Orlando Alzugaray: “He could not change with the times. He was unwilling to adjust and he had a horrible plan. He had no vision and no foresight. A Knicks fan told me he’s happy today. I told him, ‘slow down, you still have (owner) James Dolan.’ Unless Dolan sells the team, you’re not out of the deep water. You’re still in the abyss and you’re still drowning.”

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Marc Hochman: “Phil Jackson was the highest paid executive in American sports last year at $12 Million. This was a cataclysmic failure. It was misstep after misstep for Phil. I wonder how much damage he’s done to his legacy as the ‘all-knowing zen master.’  It wasn’t just his bad decisions, it’s about the way he went about making those bad decisions.”

Channing Crowder: “Phil is too stubborn to be an executive. It’s obvious something went wrong when he took the step from coach to executive. Phil was caught in the past, saying, ‘I’m just gonna stick with my crap.’”

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Alex Donno: “A complete, epic failure even by Knicks standards. Phil half-assed everything in New York from the day he took that job. He was never willing to devote the time necessary to scout players and really put the work in. Pat Riley does all the little things. Phil just sat back and collected fat checks.”

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