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Miami(CBSMiami) – Change is on the way for the Miami Marlins. Polarizing team owner Jeffrey Loria has been working on selling the franchise for months. While many South Floridians would view any change in ownership to be addition by subtraction, WQAM’s Orlando Alzugaray cautions listeners that one potential buyer stands clearly above the rest.

Miami billionaire Jorge Mas is now considered by some to be the odds on favorite to win the bid. Once referred to as a “mystery bidder,” his name hit the news when reports surfaced that bidding groups headed by Derek Jeter and Tagg Romney do not have the funds necessary to reach Loria’s $1.3 Billion asking price.

To Big O, Mas and his billions would provide the ideal ownership.

“If I had my choice, I want a single owner,” Alzugaray said. “I want one name.”

Alzugaray worries that Jeter or Romney’s groups, made up of multiple millionaires rather than one billionaire, would lack the funds and the focus to run the Marlins.

“I worry about those (big) groups because when you get six or seven powerful men together and they are all putting money in, they all have an opinion. When things aren’t going well, what happens then? Do you start pointing fingers?”

Alzugaray prefers Mas, but shares a common view that anyone other than current ownership would be a step in the right direction.

“I want anybody but Loria, but if you gave me my choice, I would honestly tell you I want one guy.” Jorge Mas is clearly his guy.

On Monday Alzugaray sounded off against new potential part-owner Marcus Lemonis, host of MSNBC’s The Profit and South Florida native. Lemonis appeared on The Joe Rose Show Tuesday morning to discuss his part in the possible deal.

Listen to Big O sound off on the Marlins sale above.