By Lauren Pastrana

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POMPANO BEACH (CBSMiami) — We’re a long way from Norway.

4,600 miles to be exact.

Yet, Pompano Beach still manages to provide the perfect backdrop for a Nordic Power Walking session.

“Follow me, let’s go,” says trainer Conny Gyura ahead of one recent workout. “We are going on the beach. Getting hot today.”

Conny contacted our Moving U team to tell us all about her group of waterfront walkers.

“Nordic walking is the last third here in the back,” she illustrates by holding the poles somewhat behind her. “Hiking is in front of you. That’s the difference. The poles look a little bit different too. It’s not the same.”

While she’s used to slushing through snow in her native Germany, she says the South Florida sand is perfect for adding resistance to any workout.

“Deep sand, I tell you, 38 minutes and you are dead. You burn between 400 and 500 calories,” Conny explains, it’s not just a leg workout. “You do that 20 times, I promise you you’ll feel your triceps right there.”

When she’s not training at her “Fit and Fight Gym,” Conny and her crew often get funny looks from beach-goers.

“A lot of times people just turn around and stare at us. Kind of giggle and laugh,” explained fellow walker Suzanne.

“We’re all in black. We have these poles, which everyone thinks we are out practicing for skiing, which we are not. But it’s fun. It’s plain fun,” said walker Pat Bleech.

It’s also low-impact, so it’s great for people of all ages.

“By the way, Fran is 82 years old,” Conny explains. “81, I’m sorry! She’s Nordic walking regularly since eight years!”

“It’s challenging but not overly challenging. You can make it as hard as you want or as easy as you want,” Suzanne added.

The poles cost about $70, a one-time investment that can pay back dividends in terms of improved health.

“Everybody can do it. You don’t need to sign up in a gym,” Conny said. “It’s cheap and you stay healthy.”

Conny charges $10 per class, or $60 for a monthly membership.

For more information on her gym, visit:

Lauren Pastrana


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