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Typically, a hospital stay is completely unexpected but, when you do have advance notice, a few simple steps can make a potentially-trying time a whole lot easier.

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First and foremost, those with Medicare coverage should know the difference between being an inpatient and an outpatient.  The widely held belief that those staying overnight in the hospital are always considered inpatients is not true.  And in some cases, it is up to your doctor to officially transition you from one status to another.  Click here and read page 10 of AvMed ASPIRE for details.

According to Consumer Reports, there are also several other issues which you can research before arriving at the admissions desk, including;

* Check the hospital’s rating.  It can provide valuable information on the quality of the staff, infection rates and patient’s reviews.

* Make a medication list. List information about all of the prescription and over-the-counter medications you take, as well as the vitamins and other dietary supplements.

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* Bank your blood. Blood transfusions generally pose a very slight risk of transmitting an infectious disease but nobody else’s blood will mix with yours quite like your own.

* Pack a bag. Bring a few comforting items: a music player and headphones; a favorite pillow, blanket, or robe; or a photo or two.

Even though hospitals are run by highly-skilled trained professionals, you will always be your own best advocate. Many people find that it helps to ask a friend or family member to help monitor their care by keeping a notebook with all pertinent information including orders from the doctor, times and dosages of medications they are given, and even nutritional intake. There are many potential pitfalls in a hospital stay but, in most cases, a little preparation can save you a lot of headaches. 

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