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PARIS (CBSMiami) – French voters will go to the polls Sunday in a presidential election that could have considerable consequences for Europe.

Parisians woke up Friday to discover the city’s most symbolic structure had become a political billboard.

The banner, hung by the environmental group Greenpeace and containing the French national slogan, was widely interpreted as support for the centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron and against his right-wing, anti-immigrant opponent Marine Le Pen.

She continues to trail by an apparently insurmountable 20 or so points in the polls and her chances weren’t helped by another intervention.

Barack Obama’s who announced, “I am supporting Emmanuel Macron to lead you forward. En Marche! Vive La France.”

But Le Pen is not giving up.

In an election cycle that produced the Donald Trump victory in the United States, this is the age where supporters like Coleen Moumane hope for unlikely upsets.

“Because Trump, it was exactly the same thing maybe six months ago and everybody said that Hillary would win and she didn’t, so there’s still a chance you know,” said Moumane.

Le Pen has been running a campaign right out of the Donald Trump playbook, attacking Macron at a heated and sometimes ugly debate this week.

The gap in the poll numbers is so large that Macron’s main enemy now may be complacency. Le Pen’s voters will turn out and Macron has to make sure his do not stay home.