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NEW YORK – A new commercial from Heineken beer is taking Twitter by storm.

On YouTube, it has racked up more than 3 million views. The ad called ‘Worlds Apart’ has provoked strong reactions by wading into politics. But unlike Pepsi’s recent controversial commercial, the response to Heineken’s long-form advertisement has largely been positive.

In Heineken’s new ad, pairs of strangers meet in a warehouse and begin talking, unaware that they hold opposing political views. Interspersed into the meeting, are snippets of answers they gave during one one one interviews.

“I don’t believe that climate change exists,” says a man in an interview.

“We’re not taking enough action on climate change. I think it’s time people get off their high horse and start looking for credible problems that actually exist,” says another man.

With nowhere to sit, they start by building chairs. They then start answering questions about themselves.

Only after another project, basically building a bar, do they learn about their differences.

In contrast to Pepsis widely-ridiculed commercial last month, where the beverage offered an impossibly quick fix to deeply rooted tensions, Heineken’s four-minute video has been embraced online.

Filmmaker Matthew Cherry also had high praise.

The ad ends with a choice – leave or share a drink with their political opposite.

The Heineken ad ends with a choice, leave or share a drink with their political opposite

All three pairs crack open a beer

“I’ve been brought up in a way where everything’s black and white. But everything isn’t black and white,” explains one man to his partner who came out as transgendered.

As part of the project, Heineken is also partnering with The Human Library, a not-for-profit organization that uses conversation to challenge stereotypes.